Hi, I am your Doctor.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

"So what happened to you?"

"Flu *coughs loudly*."

"Hm, since when?"

"About a week, given last Saturday I stayed in bed. *coughs loudly*"

"No, I meant since when has your liver been like this?"

"Um, I don't know. Sometime. Say six months. *coughs more*"

"How do you feel? Have you taken any medication?"

"*coughs* I feel sick with no energy *coughs*coughs*coughs* to do anything. No medication, *coughs* just cough drops. *coughs*"

"Hm, why don't you show yourself to a Doctor?"

"Okay *coughs*coughs*coughs*chokes*coughs*. Aren't you a Doctor? "

"Oh yes, I am one. But I can't prescribe you medication. I can recommend you to a consultant though."

"*coughs* But I thought I came to a Doctor.. *coughs*"

"Yes, but I am not suppose to tell you medicines."

*coughs*pays Rs. 300 and goes off with fucked up throat*

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  1. Hahahaha! Take a bludgeon next time, or cough in his mouth, or at least politely steal away his his degree that adorn his medicated walls! You shall have fun!

  2. It's the case of a pretty "her" Doctor. More so, blonde.


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