Thursday, February 24, 2011

Socrates would hate me by now, he, anyways, hates writing. So would all the pretentious deep,serious literature students who'd read this and raise their eye brow by pointing out why exactly would I be doing a list. Another list. I must've mentioned in my blog (somewhere) lists are theraupetic and still believe. Revert back to your school, check up with subjects where you could write an answer in point form and you'll agree with me how it's a lot easier to figure stuff out when it's clearly mentioned in points. Sadly, a lot in life isn't but who cares.

Anyhow, if people can go about writing "100 random things about me lollzzz" and "25 VERRYY PERSONAL RANDOM FACTS!! OMG" all along with multiple exclamation I can possibly do a 2o something list. (Blame the irrational PMS today and pass the fries.)

20 things to do before 20

  1. Learn Have the courage to drive the car, specially when sandwiched between a truck and auto.
  2. Eat Sushi and learn how to use chopsticks (shoot me, yes).
  3. Bake without putting the house on fire. (After the chickenpox ridden cake on my mother's birthday last year I gave up.)
  4. Learn to withstand movies and television (I have intrinsic issues with movement on screen and dark room elicits sleep).
  5. Crib less. (NOT HAPPENING.)
  6. Grab a gorgeous writing assignment that pays for a vacation to Greece. (Sigh.)
  7. Colour my hair pink (alternatively blue) and get my picture blog some recognition (who doesn't want?).
  8. Play the bass well and play for mass and play regularly.
  9. Eat a raw tomato and top it with pasta in white sauce and survive without puking.
  10. Accept people who call me "Aashna" or any name other than my own. Screw you people. NOT HAPPENING.
  11. Conduct heritage/food walk in Delhi.
  12. Read a lot more than what I currently do.
  13. Compose some noteworthy music that people remember me for, even after I'm gone.
  14. Learn how to print a page and have better pronunciation of French words (Global citizen in me is as useful as my arithmetic and logical skill).
  15. Accept the world..the way it is. (This one is going to be hard.)
  16. Be somewhat social, more than social networking.
  17. Stop dancing at the drop of the hat at any event with a DJ playing at the console. Age 20 doesn't accept that. (Wait, then I can't blame anything on my hormones? Fuck.)
  18. Stand gracefully wearing heels and enjoy the night (die, suckers).
  19. Tame a frog/cat and convince folks to let me keep one.
  20. Be a ..good..drop it.

I'll cut the slack and blame this whole write up on my PMS.


(PS- No one's tagged. Go home, stalk people. Party over. Don't copy suckers.)

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