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Saturday, January 01, 2011

To support the myth of what you do on the first day of new year-you keep repeating that through the year-idea I'm blogging at a point of time where everyone, probably, is doing something better- to be precise, in comparison to mobile blogging. But the reason still stands, I'd rather blog obsessively through the year than keep things bottled. Or like this obsessive compulsive habit that pushes my mother to switch off the wifi when she goes to bed, no matter what time it is. Or wait, whenever she sees it switched on, is a better way of putting it, hence mobile blogging.

Which reminds me, of other things that I may pursue through the course of night following the insomnia I've caught about. Reading Turbulence (or Drink, Play, Fuck). Anything that can suffice my craving for action through this night when the world celebrates, my family sleeps switching off the fucking wifi. Oh, the switch is in their room. Hah, I've justified the rant now.

Not exactly that but following on their footsteps I just don't get the point of celebrating this change of date/month/year. I'd rather celebrate my birthday insanely than celebrating change of insignificant date (specially when you have mid-terms scheduled about 3 days after).

As a kid (or let's put it this way), during my board exam year, I used to say to people that how my board exams are "next year". A phrase that can be explained since classes are held in the year prior to when you write boards (March-March, school calender). And on January 1, with a sullen face I'd annouce how my exams are going to be conducted this year. So yeah, feels just like that.

Which brings transports me to a 7 year old self, a day short of my 7 birthday and I'd be adamant enough telling everyone how I'm still a 6 year old and will turn 7, precisely only when the date changes.

Funny how trivial these things sound now that one doesn't give half a flying fuck. If I have to socialise and celebrate kicking in of something I can do it whenever I want. My new year celebration may have been 3 hours ago when we had a bar-be-que or probably a month back when I was just very satisfied with the way things were shaping up. Isn't it all about pleasing yourself alongside the world?

Either ways, in three days time I'm writing exams. My eve was spent reading a major chunk of Republic and planning this post in my head. Probably the best thing I did apart from talking to 'Hawk who's in Delhi currently and plans to spend the day with me. Sinner heads back from Shillong and we three might catch up. All these are temporal plans so far as exams are lingering but something to look forward to.

If you still think I'm missing out, here's to you, you thought about checking this page for an update at this Ungodly hour for a blog update.


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