One more time

Friday, January 07, 2011

Quickly stuffing it between a chat-mailing pictures and more work piling in the middle of mid term exams and mid-19 crisis. Drop the last one. It adds to melodrama. Got over with the concurrent exams today which means main exams are awaiting out there, except I do not attempt to get to my texts which should worry me but it isn't either.

Western Philosophy is few hours away and I haven't started with even one school (rationalist/empiricist). Locke is still as far as it was then when I went for the jazz thingumajib and Pythagoras hasn't been taken care of.


Yes, not a very good sign.

I have stepped out of my idea of no surfing for a month till the end of exams. Blah. I don't even know why I'm bothering with this gibberish. Must stop. Must run to Locke.

Wait, he is dead.

But then, according to Neitzsche, so is God.

Philosophy, oh.

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