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Monday, January 17, 2011

Once again at the crossroads of self imposed vacations, after the house exams, coming to an end. In one whole week I've redeemed the pleasures I missed out in last one month (or probably an year, for those of you who have some idea about what I am talking here). Currently, I am Highly nauseated (and I have no idea why) so I might just puke shoot a projectile somewhere. Shh.

Exams were fucked up beyond any repair and only I know that because until a very long time I believed that we do-together story. You know, if you mess, you mess together, you stalk, move, eat, poop; basically do everything with mutual association of likeminded people (only in this case my fellow classmates). Turns out, I was pretty much the only one who's screwed exams to this extent and no kidding. Lesson learnt is that do not work a month before the exams. Take a cue from your friends and rub it a day before. It'll probably bear better result (which I am not anticipating, thankyouverymuch).

To celebrate the end of misery we decided to crash at Madeline's pad (which is a beautiful house, mind you). Starting with a movie, moving to lunch and finally the sleepover at her place. Everything was perfect except Blondisha's mum lost her cool when she figured that her daughter is roaming with us while we were having dinner and not at Madeline's place (as she wasn't allowed to roam around at night). After a good hour or so when this was resolved we started with the "official" sleepover shite. It was "craic" (Kindly read Drink, Play, F@#k to know what I am talking about.)

Now anyone who's ever been to a sleepover must have a lot to insert here as to what you can possibly do when four chicks get liberated after exams (yadda yadda ignore my slangs). So we did all of that..y'know the usual- eating, watching a lot of trash on TV, eating more, drinking soda (we were offered soup as well) and basically good time (no detail, sorry).

Generally, other stuff and the stuff you would want to take with you to your grave or anywhere but on a public fucking blog (you can see me going pink right now). Next morning (rather afternoon) we enjoyed a lazy brunch in the beautiful Buddha Bar garden (designed by Madeline's mum) and just basked in the sun listening to a lot of DMB and John Mayer. Goes without saying, I was exhausted for the next three days after that night because we all barely slept during exams and stayed up through the night so just caught up on the sleep. Quilt and more lethargy followed by stuffing myself with comfort food.

Then did the stuff that I most craved during my Christmas Break, saw a lot of movies, read about 4 books and spent time sleeping.

Got an extended off today (which is the reason I delayed posting this one so that I could add what I did today; which was nothing different than what I did this week) because our lecturer thought we could "relax". Aw (no that never happens in our college).

So in general I am content with the way the last week has shaped and by far one of the best post exam week it has been. Drudgery continues from tomorrow and I have to figure out the weekend plan (to choose from the Literature fest or a jazz gig+photography workshop) and deal with the answer scripts that they plan to shove back, very soon.

Until then, I will sleep my way off after I play another game of online monopoly (did I ever tell it's addictive?). Oh yes, it's bloody brilliant while you gut beer and buy Greece.

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