Monday, January 31, 2011

In this weird state of flu and delusion, I am attempting to report what happened today (beyond informing that I am using one tissue/toilet paper roll each day to blow mucus pouring out of my nose, gross yeah shut the page and go home). So if you're brave enough to read the last sentence, then proceed otherwise come back later for some updates. This is not for weak hearted.

My sister passed this horrible flu+congestion+fever+cribbing business to me and my grandfather some 3-4 days ago, prior to which she was battling this alone. She is very family oriented so you know why this came to me. Anyhow, in nutshell, the weekend was hell. In between wearing absolutely weird outfit to college to sleeping through the weekend I did nothing else.

Coming to why, I might bother telling all this. This supposed best friend from school dropped by today. When I say dropped by, I mean she came without calling. She usually does, not to meet or say hello or anything but due to some work (her mum's) that passes through my mum and yadda yadda. In last year and a half, I hadn't seen her except from listening to updates like, "she is driving to college, you're the only useless one who can't drive inspite of enrolling in the darned driving school.", you get the point?

So today, while I was alternating between buying Athens and Rome online (Monopoly) and blowing nose, I had taken an off from college and was dressed in the most mismatched item-Pink Checkered Pyjama with Black Jim Morrison tshirt (none of them matched with what I am wearing)-with a layer of Brown Sweatshirt with colourful hearts all over and the multicoloured socks that is already in a picture on my blog (scroll down). Now, before you judge me, get the fact I am sick and so sick that I can't care what I am wearing except for the moment when I see the person whom I have not spoken to properly in what seems like 2 years coming to my place and being like what's wrong with you? Yeah, even she noticed.

Before you think, this is progressing towards a fashion guide blog, let me clear this- it isn't. All I am trying to crib about is, the day I decide to sit at home and dress trash and feel happy about it, is the day this someone walks in and takes my peace of mind away (swept tissue paper under my nose).

Right. This post doesn't make any sense. I'd click discard/delete or whatever Blogger has but I'd rather let it be up and excuse myself from writing some post about how I puke after eating pasta.

Oh, and have you seen this Hippo advertisement? It's well made, so much that I'm becoming a Hippo fan purely on the basis of what they're selling me.

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