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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sometimes, I wish; I lived an average life.

My average life would be where I'd wear pretty clothes. Ya know, something like high waisted skirts, plaid blazer over that during winters, teamed with Choo belt and a classic normal top from United Colors of Benetton. Carry my college books in a Burberry/Chanel bag and strut around wearing boots during winters in Delhi. I would create a fuss if everyone else was hogging on street food and I was subjected to travel in auto's. Ofcourse, I'd make my street smart friend talk it out to the auto driver since I am not accustomed to deal with such petty things in life.

In college, I'd prefer to hang out with people from my school, since they can understand the way I was brought up. Others, just come from their own background. No hard feelings but I won't be interested to know them so far as my college circle is concerned. Good to say "hello", "what's up?" etc to a few who dress decently or know the boys from some posh boarding school or maybe those who I see selected few parties I attend once a fortnight etc. During the break between two classes, I'd hang out at the nearest mall or go to the parlour and get my eye brows tweaked so that they're in shape. No, I don't believe in getting stupid hair color. Why would any one want to actually get blonde? You know what I am saying?

At home, I'd be daddy's girl. I'd have annual vacations to exotic or unheard sort of places that make for a cool vacation. My mum, dad, sibling and I would share amazing rapport and I'd be very close to my cousins. We'd meet up for dinners etc with the extended family where everyone would be dressed well and we'll all be happy.

My love life would be well structured, I would occasionally check out guys since my long distance relationship will be progressing. As time would pass, I would probably break up with him over skype and cry my heart out to my best friend over the sleepover where she'd probably call him over on skype and talk it out. She'd have the heart to listen to me while I continue to sob and towards the end of it she'll fix me up with her classmate from her foreign University for the next weekend over Thai (being my favourite cuisine, how I love Thai curry in coconut milk?).

Then I'd plan to go out, get myself an MBA from the top business school (Ivy League?) or maybe masters in Economics (LSE?) and end up working at some high end financial institution. Back here, my folks will look for a suitable match. Like a decent girl, I'd break up with my boyfriend and probably marry the guy of their choice. And I won't regret doing it because I would know I deserve someone with better future, someone who my folks consider is well worth me as a partner. You know what I am saying?

At my wedding, I'd be dressed very basic yet very chic. No nonsense make-up. Just simple attire with very minimal jewellery, all passed on from my grandmother to my mother and now to me. My sibling will be dressed to kill and all of us at the wedding will be very well dressed. We'll have people raising toasts to me and my better half and soon I'll begin with a new phase of my life.

The point is, will I be happy living it up that way?

Coming to present, I can't possibly post this on facebook notes, for two very simple reasons. I do not want to garner comments about self, which makes blogger completely safe and to avoid giving someone an ego massage from this post, as I've decided to try and follow bugger's advice and waiting for things to come and not creating every bit of it for myself by ruining the fun latent in it. If you know what I mean.

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  1. And I won't regret doing it because I would know I deserve someone with better future, someone who my folks consider is well worth me as a partner. You know what I am saying?

    Loved reading this one!!

    Sometimes, I wish;I lived an average life. Me too! :))


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