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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Another assignment tomorrow morning, scheduled with TNR. Granger is positively convinced, "let's not talk about it, Dragon may not even remember". Right, then. We won't speak about it. It's like You know who, the less you speak; the better it is.

I had a whole blog planned in my head before I um just crashed at noon and woke up around tea time. Had lunch, could not remember a single thing that I was suppose to fuss about today. Drat. Have you heard this awesome cover of Toxic? The bass has gotten me hooked to it, reminds me of this simple bass line I practised with my teacher long back. The point of that line was, it was really basic yet created great impact. If you listen closely to this track, the bass works the same way. I know, bad choice and all that about Britany's cover but you can't deny the bass. Also, it's sort of ear worm, the pop culture ie. Too tempting to let go with the winter chill coming around and all those layers coming (puns intended).

There is a lot more happening, including the Sophist and how I love the rhetorics in class. Finally I feel Philosophy growing on me in a way that I wanted it to be (inspite of procrastinating the Western Philosophy). Concurrent classes can go suck monkey balls. I don't know how am I passing those two subjects considering I have no idea about syllabus, readings and godforsaken classes that we're expected to take seriously (more than Western philosophy, no kidding).

Had a batch party at my place. Worth watching every minute of it. How brilliant it is to see more than a dozen and half people losing it without touching a drop of alcohol and how an hour back they were all listening intently at Plato's view on Love (yeah there shouldn't be any, what we confuse with love is actually appetite/lust). Mad drove us back from college to my place. Nearly killed a man. Her driving skills are just brilliant. After she nearly killed the man, didn't care to run away or help him. Kept driving leisurely at her own pace while Blondisha kept singing some lame 9o's track which was blasting the radio off.

So, I've sat with this page for over an hour now. I can't think of anything else. Lot more of rant to come, probably when I remember.

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