Paradoxical Hyperactivity

Sunday, December 05, 2010

I'm hyper. In a weird way. Not in a sinner (I skipped skipping rope today) way but a SnobO way. Also, I do feel the need to explain SnobO and why I dislike being referred to as Snobby. It sounds like Dobby, the house elf (may he rest in peace). Speaking of elf, I spotted one at Vasant Vihar crossing towards PVR complex. I swear to God (paradox) that it was wearing red and yellow outfit. No, I'm off alcohol. No influence whatsoever. Maybe that explains why I've been spotting elf and not cute, eligible single guys.

Which brings me to next question, rather burning topic of the hour. Is beauty essential or brain be the haute-ness? I certainly don't establish my point but a long story cut short, guys who are droolworthy can be smart? Or some really kickass Aristotle's descendent be somewhat decent looking? I am debating over this with the other self but can't make sense of it. Am I confused or what?

My weekend plans included completion of Greek and Western Philosophy notes, Studying Berkeley and cleaning closet and study table. However I ended up curling in bed, extending afternoon siesta to evening, eating chocolate bar while curling up in bed, avoiding the world while curling up in the bed, reading two books in bed and catching up on lost sleep. Now, ofcourse I must hyperventilate because tomorrow morning I have to bear college.

The Norwegian Ridgeback of room 61 that will pounce on Harry Potter of classroom. HP attracts all the attention (as shameless as it may get). Why must The Norwegian Ridgeback attack Mr. Potter?


TNR had scheduled a test of wisdom (Locke's) and we the wizards were suppose to come prepared on Wednesday but it got postponed to Friday. Now the class meets The Hungarian Horntail on Friday and not TNR so a simple suggestion that went to TNR was that the test should be scheduled for Monday when we have the class. TNR, ofcourse blew a fireball on the faces and threatened to rip Potter off if the batch didn't come prepared. Now, Potter had a rendezvous with Bebop night before along with Granger (who didn't study either ways) and that night over conference, Weasley and the two of them decided they won't come prepared. Potter couldn't believe Granger falling in same league but who cares, I mean it's Harry Potter and it goes Harry way. On the day of the "test" the class (including Malfoy) decided to just skip the test. Now when TNR came to the class and asked them all to start, none of them responded. TNR looked at Granger for reply but all in vain. The powerful moment captured the class together.

Now, coming to the conclusion; Monday tomorrow and will Harry be executed or will there be another test? Will Harry come prepared or will Harry be subjected to death eaters? Find out.

Oh, did I say I went for this brilliant jazz/bebop gig cum live band playing at an Italian joint? It was a defining moment for me, for several things; professionally and otherwise. The thing I am currently doing, is it really what I want to do? Blah. Had a great time that night and like I mentioned it was truly brilliant to see bunch of people do something that probably no one has dared to do, professionally; in a place where idea of music is Sheela ki Jawaani. I'm not saying that's bad. It's just commercial sell out and that's not something that I particularly enjoy. I don't know, I don't have the reason to like jazz other than the fact I enjoy it and appreciate the flow that comes. Childhood memory goes back to swing played in almost every Tom and Jerry cartoon seen and hence this developed. More than anything it gives me a chance to grow on music, to see the possibility of improvisation and how it can probably never be created again. It's like a language in it's own waiting to be translated to powerful emotions flowing.

Also, clicked some pictures, for portfolio which didn't work out well because I didn't exploit the settings of my digital camera, which I should have. Nonetheless, if I'm lucky enough (in other words, manage to convince my folks and get out of my grounded state) I shall go for it again.

Okay, enough of being hyper. I'm dead like flat coke. Must get back to essay concerning human understanding.

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  1. Loved this post! I was laughing out loud at all the allusions you've used .. very apt ;) ...


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