Darling won't you ease my worried mind?

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

You know what's truly fucked up? The winter chills that do not let you study. Looking at your dog who's curled up in his cot and sleeping through the day while you have to rub yourself off reading about some hundred pages on how incest is good as long as it should not be two generations apart (with your grandkid, basically).

Okay, I'll stop with the whole dreamy look that I tried to give and come to cynicism and maybe lot of rant. I've shopped a lot of stationery and books from Book Fair which has become a positive ritual, for me to buy shit loads of stationery and go broke after that. Done that. Next.

Exams- mid terms. Positively fucked from side. Started with a brilliant schedule of making one essay everyday. Went on to two and three and realised my counterparts have actually memorised along side. Brilliant then. Didn't touch the readings, books in about 48 hours and under the pretext of downloading psychology syllabus (that our lecturer has FINALLY put up) I wasted about an hour replying to facebook and different things. Basically everything other than Pre Socratic Philosophers. My room has different layers of paper all around with Miles Davis coming out of the dock possibly 12 hours a day except there is no prodictivity. Hence the fucked-up-ness.

Also, I realised, there's a LOT I'm possibly skipping by the virtue of probability and calculations. Knowing my track record with anything numbers and mathematics, I'd probably screw it up or well I can blame it all on fucked up luck. So much for being a philosophy student.

Which brings to mention this. Happened to go to a party where blonde twins sniggered at the thought of pursuing philosophy and host's other friend made an ugly face when I asked if she'd be interested in attending Jaipur Literature Festival. Nothing wrong about the latter but the former just tested my patience. Also possibly because they were not even that well dressed that I could account them for pretty dumb people. They were simply blonde enough to be categorised into that list. I've had that before- in school when I was the only person who had Hindi along with Commerce (refer to archives). Holy cow, I don't know what sort of people I come across- but they certainly make their way on my blog. Okay, I'm not judging again. I might be wrong but surely counting yourself from some private institute in Delhi, saying you want to be a model and how you're pursuing academics just for your daddy lands you in this list of stereotypical blonde. Maybe, I just didn't like them or maybe it was the fugly boots of the non-model twin.

I need help and maybe some more time to pass these exams. No really, I do need more time. Must-get-off-laptop and advance to something concrete. Right then.

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