Poker Face

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

My hair's all over the place. Green eye liner ad mascara (4D) rubbing off smudging the corner of the eye and bangles in a corner with cordless resting between ear piece and shoulder. My last two hours. Discussing breakups.

It seems like the breakup season at the moment and being hopeless like me makes you at a loss for words when the conversation continues.

He hasn't talked to me for a fortnight but I'm fasting for him you know.

It's become the defining point of a relationship. Sex has become the most casual thing ever since the advent of American culture.

I think I will go mad.

I just got home from a Diwali Party (lost rs 1oo while playing cards) and spotted a rather cute guy who happened to be hostess's neighbour playing cards along with 1o other girls from college out of which one of them is dating and rest 9 are single. So yeah, big chance all of us had.

As far as cards are concerned a lame IM on BB defines it,

You are free to choose, but you are not free to alter the consequences of your decisions.

Cutting long tale short, the social scene was well planned. All of us were completely at home and very chilled out. Beautiful counters we played with and lost with. Very sublime vibe of winning cheer as it was concentrated between two of the guests. Had bite sized pizzas while playing ludo and looking at everyone squander money along with the cute guy (he was winning so well). Marwari food is awesome, so said a friend who decided to ditch the party because she had to sit over with another one dealing her breakup.
Coming back to them, I think there is something wrong because it's been four times in this fortnight. I am walking by in the corridor and I see some girl crying and the last one howling to other girl explaing how the guy just left/dumped without any reason blah blah. At the Diwali Mela, Sinner was the Tarot Reader and I was a mere spectator for the same. The relationship tricky reading got her a whole lot of cash but this thing is going out of hand now. I know two of my close friends who have been dealing with messy breakups and tricky situations and you really can't advice the other person because the idea of rationality doesn't hold relevance in the dictionary of the guy. If I ponder over this subject I think I will end up pulling my messed up hair. Ugh.

One parting note, just because your friend is single and is advising you that does not mean he/she is stupid. That just means the other person is bored out of wits and has nothing better to do than to help the one recovering from a breakup so before you point that wriggly finger saying "you have no idea" think about it. It might just become the topic of a new blog.

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