Icy stiff

Monday, November 29, 2010

This post is coming after the emotional breakdown I had less than 24 hours ago. Thankfully many reasons contributed to it so it was well worth it in the end. I realised the course I plan to take up for my post graduation isn't available. It's a Scholar Research course meant to be pursued as PHD and not for post graduation. So much for things falling off and then in general course how things kept falling one after the another. Including the idea of befriending a squirrel while I score myself a pretty post grad degree.

However, I made an offer to the cosmic power and things changed. If only I could possibly swap my entire collection of old Daniel Radcliffe pictures that crashed my PC, to supposed power that is not letting me have a normal life (credits: AnO, twitter). Seriously, I could have even given away my Haruki Murakami in exchange for a satisfactory life.

So after making peace with the situation and accepting that there is no future plan (maybe, some but I'm not sure enough to put them down) I decided to indulge in some retail therapy. Had to kill time and take mind off the exchange programme that I am not filling up for and also maybe, Sinner and I needed to talk. The former was a big fail because there was nothing worth giving a second look, let alone buying it and latter was a failure in itself because the palpable pause was punctured by the gnawing sound of delicate, extra salty over hyped french fries from a local junk joint that we could've had without getting lost on our way to the Goddamn Mall. I know, my mistake. I own it up. Oh and no conversation. She slept mid-way shopping and the look on the face was even more fucked up than our Western Class today (which is a growing misery, each day PMS continues in class with Berkeley and his ideas. Bad pun).

However, I remember slipping about one of my fondest childhood-pre-teen memory of Sunday Morning ritual of reading this column called "Single in the City" by Sushmita Bose, then HT's Sunday Editor. It was something worth looking forward to and I have very fond memories attached to reading certain columns. On our way back from the food court I decided to stop by at the bookstore and surprise, she's come out with a book titled the same as her column. Couldn't believe it because she quit the newspaper some time back and moved to Dubai with some other media house. Couldn't help smiling and picked up a copy for myself. Pretty much going back to it right after posting this one on.

I remember she continued with the series as a blog but I think the server for the blog page is down or maybe it's removed due to some copyright issues. Whatever maybe the case I came across her 43 Things page and this was the best therapy I could get at such a junction where I have nothing to look forward to in future. My ass cares what will happen next and will I ever be employed but I definitely want to achieve these 43 Things before I die.

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