Sunday, October 10, 2010

I figured it would be best to post this ten minutes before this ten-atic date changes to 10/11/2010 so it would be in sync with the date. Amongst other things, my tattoo wound has not subsided and infact has gone worse. I can barely walk (include limping) and my foot is swollen to double it's size. My ankle too is swollen and the star seems like engraved (haha Nazism).

So, let's talk about academia. There is nothing that amuses me like Delhi University. However, I will retract the statement if the Principal of my college manages to become University VC (which she is nominated for, the first female candidate). The University doesn't function by the idea of common sense. So they announce the onset of autumn break from 2 October and go on announcing the commencement of classes from 18 (Monday) except my college, my department, my year, which chooses to behave "If-I-come-to-college-I-will-take-the-class". Go on, take a leave, who's asking you to attend the class on a friday and saturday. You'll believe I'm cribbing for two days, not when you know I have an off on monday which makes it worse because I could easily get an extended weekend. As much as I hate to say this but there is nothing in classes that excite me remotely to attend in terms of drab syllabus and the modes of imparting it (puns intended).

Which gets me to my second point of vent. The project on Utopia, I still haven't figured out what do I do in a topic that I will, perhaps never explore. That I have not covered that section with my classmates and that interpreting a text by an ancient philosopher on our own and then writing a project based on his idea of Utopia is blase. I swear, it's driving me to the extent of losing all motivation to work for it. There is no point of endlessly tiring oneself for this- this be my utopia.

So I figured, I could do with a list. Um. Yeah so 1o things you should know that maketh me happy.

  1. Enjoying my favourite meal cooked by mom with the family on a dinner and talking really fast about something that happened during the day.
  2. A good night's sleep, preferably on my grand bed, alone. If it's after a day's trip with a friend then bonus points.
  3. Clean, strawberry smelling bathrooms.
  4. Listening to a good ole' track on radio and singing along.
  5. Fitting into a gorgeous pair of shoes in market and instantly buying them.
  6. Writing for people that makes them laugh or happy. Either ways, it's very modest of me to admit.
  7. Smooth jazz with a drink. It is capable of getting me high if the combination is right.
  8. Remembering the music theory when required and being able to read music while playing, correctly. Joy!
  9. Slightly messy room smelling of cologne and smoke from cigarette mixed with the right amount of books that can be enjoyed with beer.
  10. Grandfather calling me from his cellphone. It makes me really happy.

So, I'm going to be thinking about them for a while and amuse myself while on the corner of my mind lies the stupidities of Zeno that needs to be taken care of.

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