Saturday, October 16, 2010

Need not be sugar but it's quite kicking when you can feel it. I don't know but I'm going to fuss a lot about weather in this post and how brilliant it is right now to just go out during the day because you don't feel too hot and evening are slightly chilly, more like you want to cuddle-to-avoid-the-chill but it's just gorgeous outside. I love walking down my street during the evenings when you can smell the sweet lingering musk and see the green so dark that it almost looks starry blue. I took a stroll outside for about 7 minutes and I could feel the autumn running through my messy bun and even though my ankle has not healed I wanted to continue. Maybe, tomorrow evening I will actually go out for a long walk.

Another thing about autumn that makes me happy are waterchestnuts. It might be the most ridiculous fruit in someone's view but it's just perfect for me. No sticky hands, moderate sweet and water content high. Yaye joy!

Since this post has turned out to be oh so flowery! let me just continue with my project updates. I've decided it's going to be on Lennon and Hippie Movement taking base of his political activism. I have never done political science so I can not do justice to this topic. Period.

College begins from Tuesday and I think Monday will be more than gloomy with all pending notes to be finished and Spinoza to be taken care off. I really, really need to start for internals which I haven't and I think autumn will take a turn towards winter by then. Winters. Drop dead silence at 6 pm. Cold. Dark. Depressing. Winter clothes. The burden. Dark hues. Chilly bitchy mornings.

I've had the best winters in school. In 11 and 12 grade we used to occupy our corridors by spreading ourselves all around the place (in words of a teacher, who could be Sue Sylvester's cousin from Glee). There is something with me and my school. Every time I think of it, I can only picture recess and the basket-ball court. I don't know why I can never think of a better view. Basket-ball court is where we've had assemblies for senior school and pretty much every event that you would have had it in your fancy school auditorium.

Winters meant, playing gallery, eating oranges and looking at seniors practising for school farewell. It also meant, giving more and more exams in duration of less than two months and reading library books with fake library cards ( I had 3 extra apart from mine and I suppose Librarian knew about it). Autumn was gorgeous in school. Mornings would ideally begin with fan on-off debate and every alternate year the annual function (which I suppose happens in this fashion in more or less a lot of schools here). The practice for the show and the show itself. It's just something you can feel and not put down on paper. School is over, autumn still persists but just as much as it should. College autumn has been okayish. With college fest and whole lot of fuzzy logic creeping in it didn't really build up that kind of cheer.

I'm out of patience to write in this cheery-pseudo flowery (flower power-hippie movement-greek philosophy-project) tone and the room is freezing. I will try to put myself to sleep after my siesta lasted for over 3 hours today. Picture is old has been previously on the blog but it shows the basket-ball court well. Also this was a production by college society called Projekt. This is the kind of rush I'm speaking about which got me in love with autumn.

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  1. Hey Aniesha!
    its been really long since we caught up. But lemme tell you that today when I was alone at work feeling really low thanks to some cheap office politics (all thanks to my incumbent boss)that i suddenly remembered of the 'snobster'. and now after having gone through your webpage, i feel a lot better:-)

    whats with this political scinece (Lennon's political involvement)? are you thinking of starting a revolution?

    and by the way, 'when i grow up' is awesome.

    and after reading 'rush' i felt as though if i even blogged about autumn and winters during my school - this is exactly what i would.

    keep up the good work and be happy always:-)

    take care champ!

  2. Oh hey,

    It's been a long time, indeed. Political Science thing is my college project and I'm pretty clueless on the leads as of now so I'm working on it (btw, the topic I have chosen is Lennon's Utopia so you know why I'm talking about Lennon's political activism).

    Thank you for the all the compliments. I'm glad you liked the posts. Also, why don't you update your blog(s). It's been really long.

    Hope things are better at office.



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