Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Etched on to my left ankle is a bass clef surrounded by a star. Interpretation? It looks like a star holding the bass (which is why, I got it I'm supposedly the star with the bass). The design is taken from some chap on Deviant art. Whatever maybe the case, I'm inked officially. Got it done from Mike's (Delhi) and this chap called Vishal was my tattoo artist. It was funny and sweet at the same time to see how these people were trying to connect with the person by making polite conversation about the reason for the particular design.

This one's for you TJ. Though I would have preferred your company at the parlour better.

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  1. Hey awesome. How much did it cost?

  2. 2k. 1.5k per sq.inch so mine was slightly bigger. Discounts start from 3k onwards.
    Thanks : )


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