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Sunday, October 03, 2010

I should be essentially reading New Atlantis ( I don't get, how essential it is but still) and writing a 3k word essay/project on Utopia (cue for the readers: if you have any leads kindly enlighten me) and after re-reading Roth decide whether the paper for Philosophical Journal of my college should be on the same or on Camus (yeah, I haven't figured; yet. But I will, soon, yeah).

You get it? It's back to rant-routine.

I have to be the only fool on Earth who cancels a vacation (student exchange) to Sri Lanka during the autumn break. Why? Because I have pending college work- check. I have to make notes for the year- check. I have to write a project on Utopia- check. I have to write a Philosophy paper- check. I have to get a tattoo done- check. I have to clean my study table- check. I don't feel like going to Lanka- check.

Excuses apart, my folks are pissed to the extent they have cancelled the idea of me going anywhere for vacation for next year and half or my post graduation. Whatever they feel like because " I don't feel like going to Lanka". Right.

So, I'm here by choice and anticipating the games in Delhi. The opening ceremony is scheduled to start in few hours and I'm completely ready for them. I will blow the red vuvuzela Sinner got for me from South Africa, wearing Red Mard Brand tshirt and black Pucca Pyjama. Does that strike a chord? Ring a note? Ear training not enough? Let me explain.

My friends, believe, that I have taken a strong inclination to be a blonde, recently so I'm just living upto the expectations and sort of making them proud of me. This was needed (?). So I figure out half the guys in the world have the same tshirts as me and I am un-appalled by the fact. Okay well, I thought there should be a change and the change from night suit dressing to say graceful dressing. So, my rasta pony tail compliments my half chewed fingernails (specifications, yes) and I can carry off the fanciness coming from couture still.

Holy mother of God, that's one messed up post with thoughts flooding and no arrangement.
Sounds like CWG?

No. It'll be better than this confusing verbosity ushering the way out. Um, yeah this post doesn't really make sense but I swear one last thing and then I'll be back to playing monopoly. It's just about a proud moment for one to know Games are being organised in the midst of things like corruption, religious discourses and politics based on the same, floods and terrorism. I hope Delhi will make the best of these games and to those critique beasts, go manage your personal Utopia. Make sure it's well accepted on the international level.

You'll be awesome, Delhi.

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