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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

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So I start off with this note after what I'd a very misleading day. Misleading? You know the tags on twitter #epicfail or #facepalm? Yeah something like that. Misleading is just a polite version (I suck with pronouns. Yes). Thank you very much.

After a round of sugary, starchy and ugly looking drinks at CCD (I agree, I can get shallow) we (Sinner, Hawkie and me) came up with the idea to go and grab Woody Allen glasses from Janpath. Something that she cursed me repeatedly for not buying for her while I bought three in various colours for myself (blue-black, black-pink, black-black). Sinner had to meet King (haha) of some place for coffee at Shangri-La so she opted out and gave us a ride till the market.

Post shopping, we both had the curfew so we had to rush back and at Rajiv Chowk Metro Station we came up with the plan of taking an auto till C-Sec Metro Station for chai-chips and then heading home. After the area covered from Janpath to Rajiv Chowk we couldn't get an auto since most of them came up with ridiculous line,"Medem, metro karlo. Auto me kya jaoge?". Due to my ankle-healing-fucked-up-tattoo I was not suppose to climb stairs back and forth and we gave up on idea of tea. Once at the station we bought fries and coke and compensated for the meal at Pappu Tea Stall outside Secretariat Red-Cross exit.

I'm not that great with metro's but I trust my instinct and usually manage to board the right one. Hawk is a dumbass and had no idea so it was on me to get both of us home. We were suppose to travel on yellow line and at the platform we checked twice to confirm whether we were waiting for the metro going towards Huda City Centre (Hawk and I had to get down mid-way). Surprisingly, the metro that stopped was empty. If you've ever had a chance to board a metro from Rajiv Chowk you'd know that this is the strangest thing you'll come across. I presumed it was empty because we were sitting in Ladies Compartment but this was Metro-Orgasm or equivalent to finding an auto from Pragati Maidan to South Delhi by meter (by experience).

Sitting on seats with barely few people in the compartment with us we couldn't have been happier. And why not? We got the glasses. We got the seats. We got chips. We are going home. La la la la.


Metro stopped at C-Sec and a mad rush entered. The seat next to me was taken by a lady who happened to ask me if the train would stop at Rajiv Chowk to which I answered no and told her it will end at Huda City Centre. It was then, when about fifty faces looked in our direction and one brave man (who was battling to manage a seat in Ladies Compartment spoke)," Galat aa gaye ho, Uttar jao abhi. Yeh Jahangirpuri ja rahi hai."

That precise moments was one of those that you experience when the teacher is distributing Mathematics question paper to the class and reaches the person sitting infront of you. That also qualifies when you click on the refresh button and your result is uploaded on the website and that also qualifies when you're on the verge of going bankrupt in monopoly. Ofcourse, we jumped (without thinking, might I add). And behind us another lady jumped who had overheard our conversation and sat in the same train. Cursing our luck and cosmic powers we managed to get on the other and supposedly right platform. Ofcourse, there were no seats and someone's arse shoved into someone's eye and stuff with farts on explicably mixed with talc smell. That is metro. The metro I'm used to travelling in.

Someday, when I am not so tired and battling a tattoo wound I will write about more metro-hoho rides.

(is it me or is Ho-Ho really funny and oxymoron-ish term for promoting tourist attractions?)

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  1. Might I add, Sinner was not interested in getting the glasses. She did not want, nor will she ever want them. Unless she NEEDS them.

    Really liked the post... and Ho ho wouldn't necessarily be oxymoron-ish .. it can be quite a lurer...sadly so.


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