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Monday, September 06, 2010

I usually go by the idea of a wishlist before birthday and that makes up for a substantial joke post for others. I don't wish to elaborate if it is intended to be but this year I've scrapped the idea off that under the recent light of events. Also, if one may talk about a party of a sort, I'm condemned to have lousy friends who really do not bother so why must I and hence that idea was striked back in school itself. College, yes, things changed for good but there is nothing really that was suppose to be. It's like the concept of God (as it is discussed in Western classes), it is immutable, infinite..basically all things yet nothing and the whole notion of wide talking with no substantial element. You get the idea.

I might be coming out with a slightly different post than the thing about wishlist this time. That will be different than this and what I wrote previously because this will be addressed to the naive self. What hurts me to see is, right after Tj's blog has been open to the world to see, I know people who've copied the concept and even made blog names similar to what she had chosen. Now, I've spoken time and again and even pointed out to people who've taken stuff and my lines over to their blogs (and mind you, they're supposedly my friends). It's something that they will never learn. Fucking, use your brain and decide what's good for you. Choose a name which describes your blog the best and your content. If you're writing about how marvellous the candy cane pink world of yours is, then stick to titles that suit your content and not like "CynicalSister" etcetra etcetra. There are also people, who take in the same template as yours. Okay, I get it, unless we own the right exclusively to ourselves, I am no one to complain but this has happened in past, I am merely stating it that do your own fucking research and get a template which suits your mood and not mine.

I don't know why this triggered on again but I feel sad that someone who's passed away is being rewarded in a manner where people are attributing her to inspire them to start a blog but on what cost? They've ignored that part. Blogging is an effective tool to reach out to masses (or just to explore your own self which might be doing a quiz on facebook, otherwise) but not while you sit on the cherry tree and carefully copy out the contents from your favourite blogger friend. Facebook, yes I detest it. Moreso, because I have horror stories that can be published in journals and be used as reference. I'm sticking to it just for the birthday application (maybe to extract few more stories which have shocked me) but nonetheless, I've to think twice about publishing them here. Who knows, where they might get published?

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  1. After your post I went on to read this beautiful person's Blog.. The letter she wrote had such a deep impact on me.. I think she was a beautiful person... Even after not knowing an eon of the world she belonged to I feel that. Thanks for inroducing it to me indirectly !


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