The Alcoholic Logic

Thursday, September 16, 2010

(Swing back and forth

A beautiful thing
Taking you away
My head is spinning)

I know, I'm late. My bad. But my blog's question still remains the same. Hello, is anybody in there? Just comment if you can hear me.

Blah. No one.

But wait, my friends seem to think it's quite something if it's in my blog. Step Up-3, I usually don't speak about movies unless asked to do so and while I quietly munched on my jumbo popcorn and coke combo, S presumed that I was getting bored. I kept thinking about cinematography being average by the level of hype the movie gathered. I'd have to agree, the plan was sudden and was worth that sort of movie. No, any other sort of movie would've had the same reaction from me. Well, cutting the crap, S asked me to mention that we went for the movie (cue for applause) and that it was awesome (cue for more applause) and also we had even awesome time laughing at our little jokes (standing ovation).

My hangover hasn't quite subsided since the weekend. It was a blur largely and a lot of cusses ensured that I got it right. Sinner planned a surprise birthday party for me at her flat which combined as her housewarming and Ude's birthday party as well. All in all there were 3 parties and the onset couldn't have been better. Extended weekend courtesy Eid and our teacher's prolong leave which ensured our Monday off.

A little background for the first two weeks of September. Sinner got in touch with my mum and suggested/took permission that they want to give me a surprise. My mother agreed and Sinner planned the whole party guest list and the idea was to cancel on my invitation for a sleepover at my place on birthday eve one by one leaving the last day for Sinner to cancel. Everything was according to their "plan". I was out for dinner with Madeline and was engulfed by sadness when I saw a group of people with the same names as ours jumping all over the place. We discussed about it for sometime and moved over to our food. Fifteen minutes before midnight Sinner dropped by and she was fucking dressed and dressed to kill. I was asked (read: forced) to change from jammies to the dress back again and some few calls later (midnight, already) these guys started forcing my mother to let me be out of the house for the night. All fucking part of the act, 15 minutes later we were out of my house and Sinner offered to take us to Capitol which was just to make things look normal. When we reached at her flat, I saw a familiar figure cross by one room which I was forced to believe as some hallucination (and I hadn't even touched alcohol). And then it all happened. They drank heavily ever after.

So, was I shocked? Yes, part of me was rather shocked and refused to believe that about half a dozen people were there and more than two dozens (including an old crush who doesn't probably know I exist) were a part of this party/plan. Amongst other things that were destined (fucking PLANNED) on my 19 here are just a few :

  1. Cutting a chocolate-walnut cake baked by Madeline.
  2. These guys planning a whole party for me (*sobs* that was the only thing that didn't happen that night)
  3. Absolut Miniature bottle shot.
  4. Kingfisher- the king of gooood times.
  5. Water Balloon fight (yes, they love me so much that they planned things I detest in totality)
  6. Water fight
  7. Strip tease
  8. Mad dancing
  9. Karaoke
  10. Poker Face ('nuff said)
  11. Prank calls to crushes/brothers/guys/anyone from google
  12. KFC chicken bucket
  13. Piknik and Hippo
  14. Smirnoff lemon vodka and Absolut with Sprite
  15. Champagne
  16. Bonding talk
  17. Hugs
  18. Thanks and more cusses
  19. Material gifts (including Eiffel Tower earrings, kurti, Beatles Tshirt (another one)
  20. Pizza baked by Sinner
  21. Epic birthday card which has these pictures of guys I've fancied in some few years (to whosoever it may concern they aren't wearing Toga's in them pictures).

I don't know why but when I woke up with a buzz in my head and clear indications to project vomitile all across Sinner's sister room with the amount of Vodka gone down my system that night. I wouldn't go into the details but I failed to blew the Vuvuzela. For a moment down when these guys were pursuing my mother (bless her) to let me be out I had a horrifying memory of something like this happening and whatever followed that night was no less than this.

Do I have a picture to make it up? Um, maybe not because it was all a blur to be put up on a net-blog. Maybe some day, I shall, when I have a name here and above. Right now, my bed craves me and my grades need my attention. A big thank you to all those who made it up that night and essentially made my day :)

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  1. ^_^ glad you liked it.. also i did not cancel!! i told you i would make it which i did! ... anyhow.. what is missing i think is an apology or a line saying.. yes my previous blog post about needing new friends was downright stupid because i have wonderful friends!.. :D ...


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