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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I'll try to make the post here short (can't really say sweet). College is running, it's not too bad (contrary to my rants in college). Classes are congested-both ways but certainly not as bad as I interpreted them to be.

In short, second year is taking time but we're all getting used to "existence" replacing "morality" (if you know what I mean, Heha). Department politics is on full swing. It's ironic how it's on the lines of Greece. Second year, for some reason, has started to resemble what we ought to study as syllabus. Course is convincing as of now and I'm just enjoying (yeah, I'll cringe after I read this post in some time).

Went for a movie today with mum. After really long time, both of us did something like this. Can't say anything but just had a really scintillating time (also, the movie was rather good).

Also, to announce that I am sick and tired by my blackberry. For once, it's not about the telecallers and spam texts. It's got to do with my classmates. Being the class representative for second year now, I can sense my classmates are growing mentally-not.

Atleast two calls a day (at all times, afternoon siesta, pooping, during the dinner) to ask whether the classes for next day have been cancelled. Then, their favourite text (about 3 on an average, per day), "Which class, what room?". Also, stuff that goes like

"Hey gudmrn! dear i m at hme coz i m chunk so pls keep my copy i vl collect it frm u or S******* pls."

This category was primarily that which I can't interpret so given an example about two of these, and two calls per day asking for contact numbers (right from Sagar Ratna's to their PG friend's). Calls like these also keep me entertained :

(2o minutes before the class the first morning class)

Classmate: Hello, do we have strike?

Me: Did I send you any text informing so? I don't remember doing that.

Classmate: But English and Psychology students have it yaar

Me: We are Philosophy and our teachers never go on strike, either ways..

Classmate: But, yaar they're saying strike after the second class.

Me: We have a first class though.

Classmate: Yeah but after that do we have strike?

Me: Godfugging, come for this class and then we can talk about it.

So this is one and last being on notes. As Sinner described, our class has gone down to ugly notes war. Naive but true, that every individual in class wants to possess all possible notes (notes refer to all prepared material, to be crammed and spat on paper). It's developing more like a silent war in class that one knows who is mugging off whose notes and there is a constant battle sort of thing that who can get maximum notes. I'd stick to one thing and say, do your own damn research. Right from hunting the senior whose notes you'd like to preparing your own answer. Stop the fucking attitude of asking for notes and also ensuring you're asking the person who already has it, rather than any other senior. Why? Because it is a surety that one person already has it. Looking for a senior, requesting and waiting to hand them over takes time which they don't want to give. They want readymade shit while they scribble graffiti away to glory. I may sound like a bitch (and might even come across as one through my posts) but then I can't really help this. It's something that I've grown up with and repeated through this blog time and again. If you want to do something, do it sincerely. If you want to copy notes, atleast do your own damn research and think whose notes you actually want to copy.

I think, I'm going to give in to the demands to acquire the "notes" and just let the world take them. Your wish if you want to mug up and score.

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  1. oh my my! CR, eh?

    It's shitty business and this is just the beginning of the year. I know I'm not helping really, but it's going to get worse, much worse.

    I happened to be the CR in my second year as well. Worst f***ing thing in the world.


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