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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Second year has descended and not just alone but with results, 2o3 on 3oo; 67.6%.

Are they bad? No, I don't think so. Are they good? Heard of improvement? (or maintaining the same score, to be realistic).

Time flies when you're having fun but takes on a chopper when you're enjoying the last few moments. It was momentary, I'd say in philosophical lines of Buddhism school. Not something I'd believe in but then who has ever heard me.

Greek and Western schools of philosophy awaits in second year. Sarcasm and pressure comes like a pre-requisite to enjoy them. Not to forget, tiny little fucking reference to Simpsons everytime "Homer" is talked about. Do I have opinions about the subject? No. Classes? Yes.
They're neither following the path of discussions and are nor walking on lines of pre-conceived notes. The grey area disturbs me. You're neither telling us what to do and are nor letting us chose our option (of readymade notes, ofcourse).

Seriously, don't you all at a certain level do these acads for marks/grades/GPA's? I mean, leaving heated discussions and topics as debatable as Euthanasia behind, isn't the selfish motive of "who scores?" always, always there? Classrooms have classes on not for general knowledge but for better score. Who scores more? Fuckall shit.

Am I thinking differently? No, I am mere mortal and more than that a materialist, who hasn't learnt to conquer the desires (if I follow the lines of Buddhistic school, again). Do I care? Maybe, but then even after caring those fools who talk of scoring marks, score in this line, then I'd rather go out clubbing every friday night and come home sloshed. Not criticising them people but just adding a mere fact. You cannot achieve the aim of pursuing philosophy if you aren't even familiar with the terms that come in your exam. Selective studying screws but hell yes you score. Choice is upto you. Only fools choose to be under-dog, fools compose such prose and fools read it. Smart ones know what to do and how to do.

Had a gloomy day. After waiting for over two hours, last class at 3 pm didn't take place. I'd have banged my head against the wall but then banging a guy sounded better. Not that I had any, but still. This is called freedom to believe and believe sincerely. Apart from sounding bitter about working saturday's, the college fest will be cancelled most likely (and don't ask me why, I'd tell you if and only if it's cancelled towards the end). The juniors have made college into dust-bin of India within first two working days. The whole place reminds me of my school fete where everyone just jumps at the site of food because we were denied of Canteen facilities. Juniors are also good at calling random people and ask about future prospects for "Philosophy". Next time I receive one my answer will be, "Mofo, like you".

On a slightly different note, Daughtry's "Home" is a track I'm getting as my ear-worm now. Not only that but for no reason apparently. High time I need to listen to Korn. It's been ages I've sat down with some album, heard it back to back and loved it. I'm keeping myself busy with a lot of trash and the kind that I'd never listen to but things change and you have to keep yourself with it. As of now, my whining is all due to my weekend freedom taken away. It should get better with weeks to come.

I don't regret this life I chose for me.

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  1. C'mon wabbi... it's not all that bad :P .. i know you know it'll get better but even if it doesn't, though it will, it's fine :) .. 2nd year will be even more fun :P .. and yes..i guess i am a fool who read but a happy fool who enjoys too ;)


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