Friday, July 09, 2010

Sumo came into our lives some 13 years back. She grew up together, with my sister. I was always at awe of her discipline and self control. People used to bet if they could move her by luring with meat or other goodies but on command of stay she would be there. German Shepherd, as our vet said, were known for this.

She started losing her weight the time my grandmother was detected with cancer. It was sign, as some people said, that she is taking the grief of the house over herself. Around December 2006, she lost her teeth and became really thin. Old age had taken a toll on her. Yesterday, we all woke up to a pool of blood in the morning. It had once happened that she had consumed piece of sharp chicken bone and had cut her nerve. The result was same, so medication was provided and she was taken to the Vet. Doctor suspected low platelet count or kideny failure. Latter was detected in the reports that came out the same evening.

She kept vomiting blood and our vet refused to put her to sleep, nor that we had any alternative. She had lost her vision to cataract two years back and she was not responding to anyone. She passed away peacefully within 5 minutes of injecting her.

There can never be another pet like Sumo.

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  1. May her soul rest in peace .. She's had a good life and was part of a loving family..

  2. You must be missing him, really bad... Pet's are like that, a part of the family, sadly never had one, but grew up watching my neighbour's dogs everyday, got really attached to them.


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