Sunday, July 18, 2010

Shillong happened and happened suddenly.

It was like a baby that you had always planned but could never conceive it due to some misunderstanding with your partner and ultimately stopped trying for it. Then one day you wake up and realise you have missed your get the idea what I mean?

Surprisingly it was a break from,"let's click a picture and upload on facebook". It was,"you better update your blog and I'm expecting it soon". Hence.

Now this baby was not planned with a perfect partner, it was rather one night stand. It's when you know the father of the baby, the part reason as to why it's going to happen is unknown and turns out to be freak of a person, completely into hedonism (puns unintended) but you still go ahead with it because you want to, at whatever cost have this baby. Well that's the part of my travelling partner.

Now the paediatrician was the saving grace for the baby, aka Sinner. Baby wouldn't have survived without her company and ability and patience to deal with my vent about the partner. Though it was quite unexpected that partner's partner would take a chance on the paediatrician. Sample this, on our way to Cherrapunji,

Snobster- Stop the car *puke*

Partner- I am sick of being single.

Partner's Partner- So did you have a recent breakup or why are you listening to these tracks?

Sinner- It's my sister's CD. She bought it when she was 12.

Snobster- *frown after listening to partner sing "Quit Playing Games".

Partner- "But I wish I could so bad baby
You better quit playin’ games with my heart"

Partner's Partner- You're just 18?

Sinner- er yes.

Snobster- Stop the car *puke*

This is just a part of what ensured some 5 hour car journey, oscillating between Backstreet Boys and puking at the drop of the hat.

So baby was right on track, next day we covered Shillong, local area. Gorgeous set up, Britney playing in car. Buttered toast and countless cups of tea ensured stability for me and Gerard Butler-esque smile for partner. Sinner still couldn't figure out the flirting that was on and the eye contacts that were going on.
Then parting happened and partner's partner couldn't take this. Asked about three times as to where his "Sinner" was. He couldn't take the depression and skipped the dinner which as another highlight of the trip.

Partner- I need to smoke.

Snobster- Wantons are nice.

Partner's Relative- Don't mind, can we just smoke and come back.

Snobster- I like how thin the noodles are here, in comparison to Delhi.

Partner- We'll just come.

Snobster- I will try chili chicken in just a while. Let me get over with Wantons.

Partner's Relative- Here call me, if you need to.

Snobster- Wantons are really nice. I have never had better.

Partner- I hate it, I hate it completely. No two ways about it

(not the wantons, singledome)

Later that night, after much sneaking around in houses, ended up staying at Partner's relative's place. Played cards till late and realised the music scene in Shillong isn't what Partner described "I can get you entry in the club". Walked into the room twice, watching Partner and Partner's Partner getting chummy with each other. Embarrassed, returned to play cards until Parter and Partner's Partner doing Karaoke on "To be with you" and Partner's Partner sharing stories on how Eric Cartmen and Partner's Partner chilled together. Right.

Next morning Sinner came to pick me up and Partner's Partner complimented on Sinner looked. Sinner, however, still couldn't get how hard Partner's Partner's been trying to woo. Decided to go to the Lake. Gorgeous it was and saw sky lotus there. If you're a philosophy undergrad student you'll know what I mean. Lake was followed by shopping and the conversation,

Sister (aka Shopkeeper)- No no, 1ooo bucks.

Snobster- No ma'am , we're college students, on shoe string budget, got no money to eat food. Really, we're from delhi, want clothes for our college. You see, fashion statment is so high here.

Sinner- Abey rehne de, she won't come down.

Snobster- ma'am we're on shoe string budget ma'am. College students living on pocket money ma'am. I need to buy something for my sister ma'am.

Partner's Relative- Can I buy this, incase you're not willing to buy?

Snobster- Shoe string budget ma'am, please ma'am. I want this bag so desperately ma'am.

Sister- Okay, TAKE IT.

Partner, all this while, was wearing on whatever they purchased. Within one hour, partner was wearing everything brand new, excluding undergarments. Whole episode and that and Aloo Mudi. Finally got a chance to have it and quite liked it. Except Sinner told me it's not half as good as what we get in Dhanketi

बंदर क्या जाने अदरक का स्वाद


Another night and few tuborgs down, next morning we went for Guwahati. Saw Soulmate at the airport along with entourage of guys from Princeton. Not hot or anything but generally very tall. Was stuck with Partner for an extra hour since flight got delayed and we finally had our baby.

Shillong, the land of non-smell, untrustworthy girls and the chameleon like weather. That's my baby.

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  2. Laughed throughout the post! ..very well written ... over all LOVED this post and the analogy was really funny :P :D ..


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