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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Since I'm jobless (not) and bored (not) and sober (not) this blog calls for a wishlist now. It's been a while I've done this and some few who can afford this for me, what are you waiting for?

  • Warwick Corvette- Double Buck. Yeah that is gorgeous and expensive. So what if both my kidneys can't afford it? I shall play that one day.
  • Trip to Varanasi. Oh yeah. I want to visit the place inspite of all what I've heard.
  • Live- Red Hot Chili Peppers.
  • John Mayer.
  • A pet frog or cat.
  • Media Studies at SOAS.
  • Leather Satchel. Faux Pas would do.
  • Falsetto in an a capella group. Learn to sing, maybe.
  • Wisdom.
  • A well settled job, at a media house ofcourse. Music or Fashion journalism if it's a magazine. Maybe food.
  • Courage to drive the car when sandwiched between a truck and auto.
  • Bass lessons (hallelujah).
  • Better uppity grades (blame my college tag for that one).

It gets you wishing for more when you get to be at the recording studio with your (once upon a time) favourite band and you're recording them for a video blog. You listen to them, record your favourite song that was not available on the internet 3 years ago. Today, you're with them, that's your job.

I should stop, I might defy my metaphysical believes and jinx this all.

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  1. I can't afford either, so good luck. I bet chor Bazaar might give you some respite.

    And yes some of them from the list can wait.


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