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Friday, July 02, 2010

Heat, sweat and college admissions were a part of June and now that the significant time's done, I may just say Fuck off and sit at home. It's not my admission or some friend's, it's just that people who're subjected to Delhi's summer during University Vacations are also expected to work for their respective department while the union members of that discipline get to sun bathe at some beach or fuckall party throughout. No, I'm not saying you don't do it, just fucking keep in touch and enquire about how others are slogging while you get to party at Ibiza and Mediterranean Sea.

It wouldn't take a genius to figure out what sort of vent will come out today. Ignorance is NOT bliss and let me put it again, it's uncool to call people and say,"You know "XZ" discipline sucks. Fucking farce, look at your mark-sheet and then comment that bit. I'm not at your disposal to listen to your crap asking me about where to pick what from in Delhi or who makes better maggi and where.

It started from this female, who plans to give English Literature entrance and can't even read her admit card. Result? Lands up at wrong venue and hence ends up missing the test. Then there are others, who don't bother to look through University's website and call up and about leaving palpable pauses, all the time.

The scene at college was even better, you're coming for your admission and you won't get a pen? You think there's a fucking stationery shop at your service in college to fill your form? Then you claim you don't know your aggregate. Look, you can't be that ignorant that you do not know what or how to add your marks. But no, they are.

The best ones are those who've taken my number down and "bother" me with their queries. You see the orientation's on 2o and this was duly announced. So this harried junior calls up asking whether we have to land up in college on 16 July, dressed up in "Alice in the Wonderland" theme. Evidently, she was ragged and she was convinced enough. She just wanted to make sure whether I was dressing up like Mad Hatter. Now, this wasn't all. She asked me to cross check with teachers for that same. Another call and an explanation later, she asked ,"where can I get to read something in college? I'm getting bored". I wish I could just reply fuck you and hang up but that isn't our college culture, apparently. This and another one, who asks questions, as trivial as, which college is better? Whatever I may answer, it won't satisfy them and hence, I'm having an existential crisis.

Speaking of which, decided to catch a flick. Holy lord, I've spent so much time with Television I can't even say. Hangover, it was and this credit title's in my head, Right Round, it's become an ear worm.

Must answer this phone call, oh no, junior again.

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  1. So you're back in the Fuck Zone, Kudos! Have been missing the action.
    Also you see Ignorance is kinda bliss, only if you're the one.

  2. I think you dressing as the Cheshire Cat would be a better idea.... you smile in a similar fashion :} and i think you'd be able to identify yourself better with the cat ....

  3. First time at your blog, and loved reading this one!!! Great entry there. I completely understand how one feels when subjected to moronic questions. The Delhi heat doesn't help making it better for you one bit.

  4. @maymist It just happened, I was trying real hard to keep it away but I'm still getting calls and IM's.

    @Suhasini I'd dress up like myself, that's quite a character in it's own. Purple leggings and boyfriend blazer eh?

    @stillbutmoving Thank you so much, really humbled, was not expecting anyone calling it a great post but nonetheless, thank you : )

  5. @ Snobster... I loved it so much probably because I have found myself in similar situations, and a smile came across my face while reading your post. Anything that makes you smile, has to be great!!!


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