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Sunday, June 06, 2010

Did you get in this whole list obsession too? I did for one, it's therapeutic and equals body massage. Ok, maybe body massage still rules the chart but lists have motivated me to work my neck hard before exams or wait, told me to shop from ground floor before I move to second floor and check the heels that I won't be able to afford even if I auction my kidneys. Today's list may fetch me an autographed copy of

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    Things I love being a teenager (eighteen, still)

    1.) Simple things in life that make you happy (I'll probably enjoy doing this after I cross my teens) shopping, loading up on heels without feeling guilty (hey, flipflops count too).

    2.) Rock and metal never sounds better, only teenage gives you legal right to enjoy it and cherish the moments you play a gig when you're 16.

    3.) Chose to be careless and blame it all on academic pressure to get away from it easily.

    4.) Stalking (read: observing and making mental notes only to be fussed over at a 2:3o am call with best friend) that one guy you saw at a random symposium which you didn't give half a flying fuck about, then.

    5.) All things bright, happy and cartoons and the right that comes along to enjoy it. Though you will be embarrassed if your grand-children see your Garfield-playing-bass tattoo but everything's acceptable in teenage.

    6.) The sweet 16 birthday, the skin at 16 and not having to worry about crow lines. Bliss.

    Things I hate being a teenager (you're not a girl, not yet a woman)

    1.) The debate whether 17 is old enough to sustain the tag of a kid or a grown up. Even folks can't stick to their statement here.

    2.) Curfews and right to party. The whole "I-need-to-know-your-friends" idea is pure blasphemy.

    3.) "You're still living under my roof, obey me". Rules. 'nuff said.

    4.) The teenage heartaches and not being able to handle them. ("He's not worth it, I told you already man, but you wouldn't listen")

    5.) Being judgemental and naive. One person wears bell-bottoms and platform heels, next day the entire class sports it.

    6.) A minute's satisfaction and forever on your body, or well till you gym it out. Pigging in and putting on. Teenage nightmare.

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    1. Hawww! why so. le bygones be bygones!
      You're legal babay! drool in the canopies of vodka

    2. I'm drooling in vodka but beer is my single broke world can buy me apart from the Universe.


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