Epic Fail

Thursday, June 24, 2010

For once the title-giving time was saved. I know exactly what to type and what to rant about. It's genuine this time. Fuck, my words sound obnoxious like some dwarf who's kidding about his genes (he's tallest out of the lot).

Starting from what I could trace, we had a re-union. School fricking Re-union which was honestly where it all started (puns intended). It was planned by another friend who didn't turn up because her father got hospitalised last minute and there was no way that she could make it. Coming back, I was suppose to go with couple of neighbourhood friends who ditched me at the last moment because the one with the car thought she would get nervous if she drives with 6 people so she ended up with 5. Oh yeah this is your cue for laughter. Actually, I'd suggest you to laugh on your own at whatever you find funny because this post is misery-mock. So continuing from there, we went at this fast-food joint near school, the one we've technically grown up going to. About 25 people from my batch were there, out of which I barely knew 8-9 of them.

Coming to point, the unruly batch we were, got thrown OUT of the bloody place because we were loud. Okay, I get it that being loud is an offence but for Christ's sake, this is a fast food joint, we're in your basement and it's occupied entirely by us. I suppose that day they lost their patrons.

People who turned up for the re-union were another added attraction. Let anyone think what they want to but strangely half of them were uninvited. They were the ones who left the school at some stage in life and they frankly had no right to butt in. Whatever, some people never learn. It was fuckall, went back to school. Had nothing to talk to so decided to play some dumb-charrades (which should've been named cheap-charrades). I think the whole epidermal layer of "convent educated" tag just went with one year of college. De-schooling, I believe, has done wonders to my classmates.

One event gone, not the scoop. Apparently, I'd borrowed aviators from dad. They're unisex and really hot, besides they suit me better. He issued warnings before I left.
Anyhow that was done.

The big epic fail is my laptop. My Dell seaweed notebook. My pretty little muse.


Had an unnameable friend over. She was fooling around. We both were, to be precise. In the midst of fooling around, we decided to watch Casablanca which was in the friend's SD card (memory card, for dummies). So the friend tried to be cool and inspite of my cries of refutation, SD Card was inserted inside CD Rom (No, we're sane, we both know how to use computers and do not suffer from memory loss every now and then). When the friend realised what happened, I was quiet, expressionless. I searched and found that there's no recovery but to dismantle the CD Rom. By then, friend was expressionless too. The search engines showed that most of the people didn't tell their folks about it. With us, it was equal damage. Friend is amateur photographer. SD Card's lifeline for the camera. I breathe my laptop literally. Nothing happened, no tweezers, clips, pins, scale worked and ultimately told dad.

Consequences, got the world's heaviest and might I add the strongest speech that how I don't deserve things and how I do not care about a thing in the world. I was not even in a position to explain and truth be told, what would I say?

"Dad, my friend inserted SD Card in CD Rom because it was cool not listening to my cries of no."

He had the swollen "get-lost" expression until we discovered icing on the cake. By this time, he'd completely refused that he won't get the laptop fixed and I get that point. It's barely five months old and this is what I do. He went to collect his aviators from my study table and turns out they're broken. Now, that was something. I lived with the "I-told-you" expression and some more classic lines and still am, actually.

Laptop might short-circuit any moment and then it'll be the end of my life (yes, considering I did not do anything apart from saying no, when unnameable friend inserted SD Card in CD Rom). Irony of the situation? He got me a CD of the movie "Coffee and Cigarettes" the same day this happened. I had nothing to say to that one.

More epic fail?

iTunes. It's something that I can survive my rest of the life with. That's what I believed, but it did ditch me bad.

So, I log in and open the iTunes. Turns out the contents have disappeared somewhere miraculously (like the aviators broken, like the uninvited guests) and I've lost 4 GB worth of music. I tried to compose myself but panic was all over. Somehow, recovered the music in bits and pieces but losts the play counts. Those of you who know me, would know my iTunes quirk. I always listen to entire album/playlist systematically. Even if I want to listen to one song from some album, I'd listen to entire album. There's lot more to it, but that'll prove my OCD for music and I shall not delve into it.

Then college admissions are happening, so is summer sun trying to vandalize my happiness. The juniors pouring in are by far the most ignorant lot I've seen. I get it, you're out of school and you have to think about future but how can you be so ignorant that you do not know how to calculate your percentage and that you're messing it up in your admission form. Or, you're thinking about being a behaviour analyst and can't even fricking read the prospectus before coming. There's a lot more to volunteering work and I shall dedicate a separate post if I may feel the need.

But my point is, epic fail. Every thing electronic or rocket science is failing on me. Even this blog, that I'm trying to write but emotions are overpowering and words have failed to show untold misery.

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  1. Ahhh ... hope things are better now. and though you have my sympathies love, i havta say : that made for an entertaining read :D .. please do not accuse me of being a sadist! I was there when you needed me...to say that technology was repulsed by you :P .. btw .. there are some lil tiny typos .. but overall... great :D .. hope things are looking up for you!either way.. they'll be better than how things are on my end... tell you abt em tomorrow ..

  2. Yes, yes you were there, when I needed those ubiquitous, cockeyed smilies after the acts.
    My blackberry could do with a tarot card reading defying my metaphysical believes.

    Everything's in shit (puns really intended).


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