Monday, June 14, 2010

My hormones are raging and I'm going out of control. So much that I decided to make a trip down to Amritsar this summer and leave my love. The parting was slightly depressing and it was completely gorgeous when mum told me later, it was raining throughout in Delhi.

" Ain't no sunshine when she's gone".

This place is my bitch, at my disposal. It unfolds something new for me, a surprise whenever I'm low or taken aback by people. It has this pool of memories and sea of faces embedded for each one of us who at one point was on a path to introversion (copyrights to whoever used this the first time, I've read this one in context of the city but can't place where). Having said and done, I'm back and contended. Sure Desi Ghee is pure there but my affection for this city has not decreased.

Coming on the otherside (hear, hear, you all who know what I'm taking about), I have found my poison, the recipe on how to brew a perfect partner for me. It took me seconds to realise it and it's a simple two fold thing but I suppose things get unlocked once you see them infront of you and carefully analyse each point at a time. (He has a gorgeous adam's apple hence he sings well, he has his cute butt to showoff in some or the other form everytime pictures are to be taken, he can make music as brilliant as his prose on ethics etcetra etcetra).

Oh and my rants are getting obsessive at a certain level, be it music or anything. Our DTH service refuse to provide clear screen for FIFA and the reason is unknown (fuck, I'm cribbing about TV). My blackberry has dumped me (I sound like a certain spoilt heiress whose shoe size is 1o, except my shoe size is two sizes smaller than her's).

Here's to my hormones. Behave yourself, beetch.

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  1. The rainy drops were a bliss, thanks for shooing away to chick'a'n land. You ought to wrap some for me too in a dalda can, your goodbye gift I would presume.
    and oi! all cute asses must be discussed with me first, how was him

  2. Ah, I see how much this town missed me.
    In my knowledge we've discussed this cute ass and curly hair facade. You ought to rewind back in time and think.


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