Miniscule Collection of Hopeless Nothings

Saturday, May 15, 2010

They go in chronological order

"R u insane it's Japanese honours for God's sake.Keep a cool head plan out ur thing.its gonna b fine."

"Look 4 June is a shit amt of time. If you really want 2 do it u will b sure able 2.k??"

"Aftr al dat i do4 u i jus get excuses!"

"Auto,me hoga to i'm nt parents vl gt angry.2 day i'd spnd a bomb.make sure it's bus,or if u cn gt a car"

"Yeyyi! I finally understood d jamia form."

" meat 4 dinnr!sory..anywy hav a nice dinnr :)"

"Wow~yea i can imagine yr digging kebab!haha gud night n c u cun^_^"


"Parents not going anywhere.sry can't sucks BIG TIME.:("

"I want u to fall in love wid sum1 !! Rapido seniorita and proper wala, no sily skul girl crush :P i mite be high :?"

"No math did.61"

"Kiddo hope u doin fine?"

"Punctuality would be appreciated."

"Argh! Argh! Fuckin red lightz n my stupid direction devoid auto wala! :X"

"Gk hz nvr been so far! I dnt knw whch god damn road he iz takin dt gk seems nvr2 arrive"

"Ur not quitting blogging! Do u get me?!"


"Nothing don't cl or msg I am completely fucked.wil tel everything wen we meet"

"Hey am sorry cudnt msg.My dentist made me hit d chair directly.Dont worry ur empty bottle is safe wid me.Toodles"

"Wht's there in civil lines?Anyway vl b waitin to c u!gud night chotu ;-]"

"Hw is d schedule aftr civil lines busy girl?If free hw abt havin lunch 2gethr-"

"In case u forget. i m at the "station" hm"

"Er,it was about your kela chips.They wont last forever yknow. We better meet"

"P.S. Just imagine d days u swaggerin around campus SOMETIMES studyin,mostly enjoyin ^0^"

"Tell the damn waiter to get you one coke with vodka. Kick your heels off and dance with abadon"

"Im an idiot i told all my old colony ke frends m cming tom lol. Okaay then it's a date!"

"I was about to say,you sound dead.Shake up man. 96 is outrageous. Nothing you could've done. You have good options still. brace up for your trials left"

"Lol what time are u meeting me sugarpoo :-)"

"Lets just stick with 2pm love :)"

"My auto wala resembles van gog."

"Course he ll knw sm monalisa frm d whorehouse and her dog vinci."

"The moron gave one size chota :( happns 2 me EVERYTIME wd osho's! Il loosn em up thn gues they'l b ok..damnit that a*.*"

"Disgusting! I deserve to die,I've embarasd myself 2 d core.I'm gud 4 nutng"

"Kill her!!"

"You were right. My life turned into hell after the PTM. No guitar for the next 7 months. R.I.P :*( and 14 hrs of study. And a mind boggling lecture full of taunts! Don't pity."

"Fate hs it! U guyz r dstnd 2 b soul sisters,y do u tnk she gt thru quota,r u aware f hwmuch she scord?"

"Gud luck4 1st day pucchhuu"

"Hey wish my luck2anisha 4 wearin d 'heels' task!-kriti"

"I love u 2baby..."

"Hi kiddo! How was d 1st day?"

"Sali mai hu puja"

"Riksha wala tuje bhaga toh nahi le gaya?! :O"

"Lol ok gud neither parties got raped in the process..gud gud!"

"Hey! tomoro cud u plez bring d logic book..Im nt gonna tomoro u bring it plez"

"Dude its urgent!Either pick up the phone or call ASAP"

"I js spoke to her. Her dad has approach"

"Omg..u hv d previlege 2 b in d same institute as ******* a.k.a. d u must be lik best frnds vit hr till nw..i envy"

"mayb it ws bad karma or ur gud deeds dat u got dis opportunity 2 luk at hr gorgeous face evry morning..m guessing it ws ur karma chal"

"Thanks a tonn to my girl-friends for making this day a really special one!"

"N nw he's totaly flirtng :P"

"Pick up!"

"K..dude chill..stop being so formal!"

"1st of all "sin stick"??? 0_o wat does dat even mean??!!..n yeah d watr is running! THANK HEAVENS!!!!!!!...n il send d vids n stuff a lil soon as i abt 8 k! :P..Hugs back! ;D"

":D Relax panda!!.. iv seriously nt done nethng ethr..i swear..d max dat iv hd to do wid d logic book today ws moving d book frm d bed to d table..:P"

"Man...u need to chill out...Il probably be sayn d same thnk at 12 midnytt on monday nyt...Im a last minute studyr..tho i think iv4gotn how to study!!!0_0....U still hav hard today..n tonyt so dat you can take it easier tomoro n day aftr"

"I mild case of pervertitis..that's all..cant assure you if its non communicable though!"

"P.S. Ur species seems to be take care! :P.."

"You too brownie =]"

"Am in the cafe..Whr ru?"

"Wer is d class again??"

"Wrong number!"

"I really hope ur nt mad panda!!"

"Copy them silly!"

"Whr ru?"

"Hey my panda..Plz smile"

"fine guess u dont have much time 2 spare for us gawaars when u have got hot guys drooling all over huh? ;-)" "Me-In my dreams perhaps"

"Anishaa sorry i'm not coming. You have fun and don't be too mad at me :O"

"Can you please pick up your phone.I'm confused"

"Hey woman do u hav an extra lead aside from the one for your bass?"

"Hey! am coming in 10mins..Hv 2reach by 10..Hope dats ohk.."

"Am coming"

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