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Sunday, May 02, 2010

Have you every felt it crazy when you're talking to someone and the other party knows everything about you? There's no mystery and no deep secrets, like absolutely everything? Imagine that state. I can bet there'd be no space for being curious and inquisitive there. Now, assume you're talking to an old buddy, let's says the one you've technically grown up with. Yeah, the one who knows exactly how much pepper you can tolerate in your butter popcorns and with the one you've managed to get out of each of those suspensions. Is there any amount of secrecy there? (This question is not posed for many of those TV soaps that are on currently).

I got a chance to connect with a friend, as much as I hate to admit it that I'm using the word "connect". She's busy with her semester exams as much as I was with mine some few days back. What makes it strange is that in this one year I've gotten used to explain from point one to people I am usually dealing with, about whatever it may be. Getting to know each other well is a long procedure for any one and when we're talking about college, it seems quite a task.

Cutting long story short, I posed a question for her and very meticulously she answered it back within split seconds keeping all the possibilities in mind (which were unsaid) and I would lie I don't say I was amazed. I was launching into a whole explanation and her answer just shocked me. It was quite refreshing as to how, someone cared to remember each and every minute detail of the other person's life even when we happen to be rarely meeting each other now. Yeah so well, that can get sappy and I can write a whole book on our endless conversation from yesterday but you still won't have an idea what that question or apparent answer could've been.

Second being, the pretty name I've been branded with and the blog title's reference. In the middle of a conversation with a friendly senior from school, she asked me for the billionth time which course am I in. This is funny considering she went around her college with me during admissions and helped me a lot with campus stuff. To top it all, we've sat together and had huge discussions on South vs North campus and generally which one's better. Towards the end of the question she also happened to mention that I ought to kill her for posing the question again. Anyhow, she branded me as I was pursuing "The Doper's Course". Ooh, yeah.

Bangbang and she's dead.

So I'm letting the title be as it is since I was typing something different and this just posted on it's own. Probably, it's symbolic that I ought to move on to different things in life now. Yeah, puns intended- one ofcourse for the blogpage.

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  1. Ha! Pretend to know or not know each other. or simply just don't pretend at all. Lovely it is.for old time sakes. and I know the first person concerned, wonder why. :P

  2. You do?
    How delightful. Old times keep it going like the shadow, which brings the light along.


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