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Friday, May 21, 2010

I assumed the blog birthday is tomorrow and it's just very put off thing to know that there's some major confusion with the blog birthday but nonetheless snobsterDOTblogspotDOTcom is three years old today and we must celebrate.


So I thought of doing all possible tags (or that's what I assume, since it sounds original to just to 3 parts of any tag). May you perish in hell after you copy this. No, you're allowed to use tag but copy it in similar fashion and you've had it this time. Also my blog has a major mood swing on. To the reader(s) from San Jose, Milan and all the rest of it, kindly do something productive..COMMENT. Had it been a hot girl/guy asking for comments you would've obliged. Now show some interest and comments if you read this. If nothing then wish happy birthday only. It won't kill you all for a change.

Tag one: 3 things about me (or is it about my blog?)

a- I usually think a lot and keep things in my mind before I'd type it down but with blog I usually don't remember. For instance, I thought of something really fun, except I don't have a clue of what it was actually so you'll have to do with this only .

b- I'm sort of choosy when it comes to my food. Ok I'm very choosy when it comes to food. Ask people who've had meals with me and they'll tell you all about it. To those who do not know, I'm anti very many things that any person who seems normal would enjoy. Oh and I used this line because this has been used on my several times and I've been butt of all jokes when it comes to Italian since I'm allergic to most of the spices. Even if I politely eat it, the secret remains between me and my medicines of all the weird things my body exhibits after consuming all that. Sadly, the only thing in the world that I cherish with all heart and desire are chips. Chips without any American flavouring, cilantro etc. I guess I'm salt loving person deep within. Also I dislike coffee. For any of the college people who're reading this would be shocked to know I've never tried coffee at college either. My last brush with chocolate made me puke twice. Yes, it's not necessary but just incase you plan to send me chocolates ever...

c- I have this inhibition that no matter what, I will end up in a 9-5 desk job being analyst or something and will be far away from creative field. Everytime I think of it, my intuition pushes me to think of it and I can never see myself as an established journalist, what I aspire to be. Writer is not even a word that I am using currently but I can never think positive about and it makes me glum.

Tag two: If..

(This is my own "If.." version)

If I were a song, I'd be Cherry-Coloured Funk.

If I were a chord, I'd be Gm7.

If I were a mood, I'd be blues. (That's the beauty of blues, it can have several implications)

Tag three: Blogs I recommend you to read

  • Journoy
  • Because I've seen her struggling to achieve what she wanted the most and now she's living the dream we both nurtured at some point.

    For the one who took on our brand new Principal within 46 seconds of the orientation ceremony.

  • Goldhawk
  • Vision of a hawk and a quill that talks.

    With this I leave you all and hope I shall continue blogging for years to come. If anyone wishes more wisdom (muahaha) from the writer, you can seek it at wwwDOTtwitterDOTcomSLASHsnobster


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    1. oo. I love the way you write. Happy birthday :-)

    2. Thank you for the wishes and I never knew anyone loved the way I write. Really that's quite something to cheer up :)

    3. Oh yes, I finally charged my ass, and got to your comments. Yes you're amazing and well anyone who can appear on your posts are too! :D
      And happy b'day, at least get a creme cake for this.
      and well also the food you discard send here,I can gulp down anything.

    4. Hey, Belated Happy B' Day.... first of all ...
      I really like the simple and honest way of describing ur self or "ur blog" as you did ... neways it was fun reading about ur eatin preferences ... wouldnt be much of a fun for u though;) ...

      Love Ritz


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