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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I have never been this worried. Ofcourse you'd remind me of all the times that I've casually said that and let it pass but it's very, very serious today. Tomorrow happens to be Delhi University's Logic exam for undergraduates pursuing philosophy. Yours truly happens to be one of the students who could never solve anything remotely related to mathematics, puzzles or symbols. This paper consists of all the aforementioned. More than that, it includes fallacies, rules, existential imports and Aristotle alone knows what.

It's quite strange that I can recollect the 1o math board examination night. More vividly accountancy in class 12. Me and S, puking on each side of the phone, whining and most of all hoping that we may just get one solitary solution or a vague balance sheet. Coming to today, I am sickly worried with various permutations and combinations of what if.

Insomnia and sleep deprived face is just visible but tension isn't. The whole what if's are back. If formal proof doesn't come, if theory is complicated, if symbolisation screws up? It's just too much buzzing all together in my head. As every minute is passing by, I am coming close to state of point blank and I can feel fever get on me.

On a slightly positive note, I recieved Goldhawk's courier, a Miles Davis CD. Made me smile, after a long while. I'd retire and more on the account of exams later.

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  1. Account you Managed well. hence doubtless I ma you'll here too.
    But 10th was rude, "but such is life dearies"

  2. I.F., if THIS turns out well, it'll be quite a miracle. Buddy, you've been there and seen that for your under the disguise physics paper. Have sympathy here with logic. It's a very unique monster.


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