Multitasking Masqued

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

There is an air of pretentiousness marked up with multitasking and I am just trying to achieve the significant results out of it. This however, does not signify the end of my sabbatical (as someone had to politely put for self regulated internet rehab). Bottled emotions ain't a great idea to start the course of examinations and neither is frustration so I am back to doing the cursory things that usually constitute my day before exams. It is not fancy and neither am I sharing it here so yeah you can proceed to some other pretensions.

It's english tomorrow and I am not excited, kicked or geared. As blase as it may sound, I am quite submissive (to the tone of annuals) and entirely delusional. It's hard to accept that how I have given up on the literature because of hopeless dealing and careless remarks by insignificant few (puns intended). Enough rant already. The bottom line is, I have wasted lot of time sleeping at all hours of the day and that I have done nothing in comparison to what I prepared for Mid Terms. But I guess that's how it works. I had definitely not worked as hard as I did for boards in my mid terms and so on and so forth.

The summers aren't upto any good so far. I am away from the cultural scene whatever maybe happening. No, I wouldn't blame myself this time nor the circumstances but whatever. Events come and go and this short home arrest of a sort should pay well (puns intended). I've gotten bad allergy and fungal infection along with usual, chewing up of nails with the tension that logic brings. This has proved another thing that I've ignored Indian Philosophy way too much that I should've and that it is certainly not going to do any good before the exam. The icing on the cake will be my planning for preparatory leaves. Thanks to exhaustible stomach infection that came along just like that, I wasted two weeks with it. When it wasn't that, it was television. I have never seen this insane amount of Tv ever in my life and that is the shortcoming of staying at home when you're cut from the world.

It's time I should get back to note-making and frustration about all the things. Three weeks later, things won't be any different but it'll surely let me write here without being guilty of wasting time.

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  1. Since' logic pertains to rule your posts, I wonder your ignorance to education. How can you not sleep and watch the maximum amount of television before every exam. Its therapeutic, even doordarshan is.
    But well I have mastered the therapy, hence I welcome you to this submissive world of mine

  2. Hey, when did I deny the comfort that useless rant on television provide me during the course of exams?
    Thank you and your world is fresh and warm.


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