Double Buck and Mild Heartache

Friday, April 16, 2010

I am listening to Kid without Candy which is spelt with "C" (Thank God). It's trying to help me recover from the series of events in that panned over last two days. It's logic preparatory leave and it's right in the middle of 9 days (yes, the 4 and the 5 day's events). My schedule sucked during March and I didn't touch Logic. Consequently, I have ignored Indian Philosophy, my second paper. This is all when the rest of the world has done it both simultaneously.

Going by previous year papers, Indian Philosophy will definitely be a let down if history is repeated and Logic can spell as disaster. Not paranoid, definitely not. Anyways, I don't even deserve to rant, comparing myself to the likes of Journalism students. They have physics to deal with. My calculus vs their physics. Haha. It's not funny if it turns out, I've messed with Elements of Indian Philosophy.
This is not even,"exams come and go" rant. The whole scene for scholarships depend on 1 year marks and it's ridiculous.

The thing to look forward and the reason for the post is very painful. After cancelling all trip plans, I thought of just focussing on buying a new bass (Warwick Corvette). The budget was shattered when I checked their site. There is no point for a second hand bass and anything "decent" costs triple the amount both my kidneys would reap. So yeah, that thought has to move on and it's so fucking hard to do that. Imagine you cancel all your vacations, intern because of an unforseen circumstance after struggling with logic and you realise the bass of your fantasy can never be bought with the kind of budget approval I have. There you go, feel free to pity.

So count in from the morning, I had barely slept for 3 hours and the whole shattering of doors woke me with an unpleasant start. I cribbed, cursed till electricity came back. Ofcourse, I got to be the only idiot in the world who'd be appalled by morning light. As far as I can stretch my memory, I had a row with mum at 6 till I stomped and went to bed. Got up at quarter to 1o and realised that I am horribly late. She was mad (and well deserve reason to be) on me and we gave each other silent treatment. I skipped breakfast (salami sandwich with tomatoes). Yeah, that is another aspect. The emotional satisfaction I derived out of meals is missing too. Talk about privileges during exams. Studied at a stretch from 11 to 3 and then from 3 to 6. That's when I couldn't hold any longer. Besides, I was tempted to check on for my bass that M offered to ferry for me. And now, it's here.

I've extended my entertainment for more than I had planned. Ok, I have come out of sabbatical and I wish I could spend some more time doing that (fuck you, sabbatical I mean). Formal Proof and Troy awaits me with misery and that nostalgia from last April. I am going to live it up.

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