You came, you waited, you left.

Monday, March 15, 2010

The blogger is proudly new, improved and licensed as according to the new Driver's License that came my way yesterday.

The details are painfully long and hillarious so that can make up for some part of the blog.

Other details however include some massive drinking and binge eating and a LOT of weight that's added so yeah, happy summer's are not coming up.

Went to a kickass place for dinner last night. Man, by far I haven't had tequila openly, but then everything happens in the life for the first time. Nice ambience, live music and really killer starters on skewers. One hearty meal that was. Also the nice buzz that the shot put me to later is worth mentioning in detail but the lack of time won't do justice to it so we can put that off for later.

So it's been quite long I've made a list and plan to make one for this Summer. Not necessarily in order but still.

* Learn to tailspin- Might as well learn to drive, simultaneously.
* Learn cooking- Because I do NOT plan to die of hunger. Also, it's quite a lifesaving skill.
* Moderate internet timing- Yes, I am aware of that. Next.
* Gym- As sad as it may sound, I need to be aware of that part.
* Travel at one or more desired location- If things come out the way as I planned, this one will give some large blog entries.
* Pump- Consciously I am naming this.
* Manage to walk gracefully in heels- Death can be conquered by wearing them and not complaining.
* Learn to be graceful- Yeah, it's killing me inside. Pass the digene.

Because I have to beg tomorrow morning for mercy and two extra classes attendance incase I need to sit for Hindi Qualifying paper this year, I must go and come back next time to see how many of them have been cleared.

Cue for the fact that I won't be around for long time.

Miss me.

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  1. I came, I laughed like a crazy person even without anything minutely alcoholic in me, read a couple of posts while pretending to send applications for summer jobs, gurgled instead of laughed.....and yes, left.

    We've come a full circle, CATE, college and now first year's done!


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