Stalkers Inc, Journal #3 Volume I

Monday, March 01, 2010

Happy march to all the readers.

Updates include:

Does smooth salsa.

Cooks delectable pasta in red sauce.

Got full and I might as well repeat, full 5 marks in internal assessment for attendance in final year.

Loves the company of womenfolk.

Has love philosophies to discuss.

Always been this gorgeous with curly locks.

Speaks mother tongue in the most amazing accent to rapture the other party.

Pick your copy up from stands now!
Hurry up. Limited edition exasperation cries free with every copy.

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  1. U market em well ;) even i want one :P dnt get all hyper not yours ... my own :P

  2. I won't get hyper if you say that :)
    Rather be happy.
    Oh, and ask..and you shall receive.


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