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Saturday, March 13, 2010

The common binding point of about the onset of new year included hypocrisy in almost everything that took place. Last one week's events have seen it in detail. Right from society's interviews, social interaction amongst classmates and even things like bass playing etc.

Played for the department farewell today, not only bass but congo's. Setlist? All of me and perhaps, perhaps, perhaps. Now seriously, if there is one thing that seriously pisses me is the number of people who bothered to turn up. The whole farewell deal was lame. Organise everything like the official thing and what happens is worse than a logic class. People turn up, sarcasm flies all over and then people come hug and ask," did you like the function?", "All thanks to blah blah for this." Couldn't be lame than that but why even bother to do all this?
If all of us are so conveniently sitting in our respective shells, why bother to even give out something like a performance or for that matter the naive titles (bad, bad spellings man).

So the titles were given, food was served, speeches made. Couldn't have been better.

On the otherside, I played congo's today. That should be one thing I'd like to learn around sometime in future. Brilliant stuff even though I barely played for 2 minutes, still worth a start. Bass sounded decent and our performance went off average I'd say with the way we've been working with it.

Yeah, I am still very pissed with what happened today, no particular reason but just about everything that went by. Nothing to cry over, the first year's gone and not anticipating second, usual.

So you get the drift of what happened today? If not then there's more that happened in the last week. The interview for the post of coordinator was not half as interesting as the conversations that took place in the room where all the candidates were waiting. So the bitch gets impure after whoring around with a stray dog but mister I make it clear, I think about women and their development and not about mentioning it in my CV.Whatever that, but others were too busy pleasing the new soon to be coordinator, "What pretty hair you have!", "How smart do you look". If that wasn't enough then there was department gossip, "XZ is Salman Rushdie's know her?".

Oh and my last article was uncredited, it was Goldhawk's blog review.Apparently I heard she's getting some commendable reaction's from the world for the same but well yeah the no named face that is, well me.

The datesheet's out and it's a cue I should get back to books, not that I was with them prior to this post but hypothetically yeah.For those of you who don't know, I may not be allowed to write hindi exam due to short attendance by two classes.Let me go and celebrate for that one achievement this year.

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  1. And the accapella master, saxophone in his throat guy, did he turn up. If yes, then no worries or no reason to lament over. and congo! You're going places buddy!

  2. Na, it was department farewell. He had no work to be there.
    I haven't gone places. Still waiting for my passport to fly.


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