Get Over It

Sunday, March 07, 2010

As I kid, I remember I had a book. It was more on the lines of chicken soup series that the world reads it before wetting their pillows but that was pretty much the only thing that gave me the right tinge of sarcasm.

The cover page always reminded me of moral science classes but it was all worth it.So the essence of that naive thought was the synopsis that covered. I don't remember it word by word but it had stuff somewhat like,

" So your boyfriend has dumped you for your ex-best friend and your new hair cut looks totally ridiculous. To make matters worse, you're failing french and your parents have grounded you.Your pet goldfish was found floating in the aquarium..

What do you do?"

The back cover, I remember, vaguely read,

There is nothing this book can't fix, except, maybe the goldfish.

I think, it's high time I dig that book from somewhere.I had one of those days today. To be precise, one of those evenings.

More on that later.

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  1. I've been having one of those months love.. :)
    And by the way, shopping helps SO much!

  2. And this is why the masochistic smiley comes from? ;)
    It does actually, been shopping from last three days and still feel like doing more.
    We need to meet up, and have one of them fort-dates.


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