Phase III

Saturday, February 06, 2010

New laptop's blasting Baby One More time's cover by Bowling for soup and as surprising as this line, it is actually soothing and fun after a hard day of abusing eyes. Music, pictures and other media files completely apart from iPod's transfer. The title comes into picture, this is the third laptop that I've owned in this span, and every thing related including the blog. This is the third generation of technology working for my blog and ipod. Not that it matters but still. Another significant thing, my sister broke the keyboard on the second day after we fought. Yeah, I cried a river and the people replaced it.

The last week flew by and as true to my word in the previous blog, I was out of the house throughout. Book Fair was well covered and the ride back home deserves a special mention. After walking for over 5 hours at the fair, had to walk for some 4 km more to get auto with loaded bags i.e. Ana Banana and I didn't give up eating, even when we were on the verge of crying at the end, we were amazed at the capacity of our food intake throughout and at the end it was a state of equilibrium. The grub was worth the walk.

Symposium too went by and had a nice outing at North. The campus disappointed this time. Man, there is no diversity there. Every single person carries the same facial expression, wears the same shoes, walks with the same kind of bags and have the same expression. For once, I was actually pleased with my college. Atleast it doesn't look as miserable as people there and we all have different bags even though we happen to be in same college.

For the coming week and month I have some bass related projects. Might just play for college music society. It will be a lie if I say, it doesn't matter because honestly it's a big thing. Atleast that's what I believe at this moment.

Now, my eyes are on the verge of watering and I have charged new laptop thrice since morning. Is not a good sign certainly.

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  1. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYY!!!! u love LSR .. and you're gonna go for bass lessons!! one of my life's aims is complete!! ./.. btw.. gimme the bowling for soup mind cannot fathom that song being sung well :P :D

  2. P.S. i got the song ... :-| i disown you!!

  3. There was no mention of bass lesson anywhere. My teacher has disowned me (which he never owned me) because I am a terrible case. Impossible moreso.

  4. NO!!!! thats not true.. and there was mention of it in an indirect way.. you mentioned the winter singing thingy thing ... you do need practice to perform ... and for that and to get better you need a lesson........

  5. Only if my teacher feels the need and well I am screwed for the concert man. Argh.
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