Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Only fools bathe twice in winters and with this proud line that has just been conferred to me, I am picking up from where I left last time. The concert's happening tomorrow and the idea is great except a little flaw,

I am not playing.

Look, no one's even remotely interested to see me perform, except maybe someone and I have promised a session for that sometime and I shall not be mixing it with "shawty got lo lo lo" class.

So away from the little pretentious behaviour, a lot has been going on in my head, indecisiveness to be precise about opportunities that have been coming my way and I am rejected each of them very politely, of course. It's very bright and unusually sunny for a Tuesday afternoon-evening in February. There's smells like teen spirit on the playlist and I think it will loop for some while now. Strange that I haven't heard them tracks for a rather long period. I could blame on my quirk about the iTunes (I don't endorse them or anything,just that it's created this way). Now that I have transferred shitloads of music and pictures from old lappy to this one, it seems very boring because I can play anything without thinking about the quirk that usually comes by. I could share something about it, but then I am not in an insightful mood with them ungrateful readers or bots who come across this page and form opinions and well rest of it is known.

I am almost tempted to buy a new bass but that could go in vain as my lessons are highly erratic and currently despondent. Apart from resigning from writing for a bit, I have resigned from thinking as well. For naives, this thinking when I mention is neither philosophical or the kind that will get me accolades or brickbats or anything. The thinking that gets this page going and those things that I am attached to. Materialist or not, last week I found myself going crazy over a badge that I claimed mum or someone had misplaced while I was at college. Much later, I found it in my sweatshirt's pocket and whoah! The kind of reaction that I got was much more than I had blamed everyone for. I got from zero to infinity mad on everyone around and was in pensive mood for the rest of the evening.

If this is not enough, I shall not get that blunt and say, I am having one of those days. The ones that keep me pissed, grey and uninterested from activities that could easily get me interested. But on the contrary, I am enjoying them, unlike before. I don't mind few alterations. These tailor made fuckall days are not all that sickly as they may seem.

Fuck off, this is NOT PMS-ing. I just miss sunshine and people who enhance it.

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