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Sunday, February 28, 2010

It's the end of second month of this year and now I quite feel like getting back to comfortable domain of rants that no one bothers to listen while I form opinions. Getting back to last two months that passed away, I have evolved as a person, from every little detail I could've noticed.

After exams, things were pretty slow. It seems as though I've done nothing at all and that has got me to believe that I have stopped paying heed to what people have to do, say or even think of way things function in college. And by people I mean, the crowd that keeps the days moving on calender and the personal front. Do whatever you have to do and you shall barely listen a word from me, bothering you with your work or even speaking out my solitary opinion. Yes, I shall mind it to myself because with due respect, I don't think any of them deserve it. Fine, I may not be the person everyone loves to be with but then I refuse to waste my time giving you advice that after using you shall criticize me on my face. Fuck your guts. Honestly, that state is not bad, when you confide things just with yourself.

Don't confuse my state with that of a loner. They do not choose their position. In my case, I have done it myself. Call me selfish piece of crap but it maybe because I have to associate myself with you or who-ever thinks I am in their league. My school-state of mind of "fuck one and fuck all" was much better and I coming back to it sooner or later.

Academic front is painfully dead.Assingments, projects are submitted and marked. Syllabus is over and I should be revising instead of writing about it in order to balance my score. I have more or less made my mind on moving out after graduation. Also on the same note, it's getting tougher for me, by day to communicate with folks. One decent conversation would mean a lot and I can't understand what's the reason. I admit, every little detail about the household is irritating me and I need to grow out and stuff but I can't be on the receiving ends always. The other times when I am giving, are painful to bear by them and that leads to our mutual dissuasion begins. Not a time, one would like to audience to and hell yeah I am participating actively.

Does that make me question, what the fuck is wrong with the world or in a cranky, squeaky voice I should yell, "Why is the Universe conspiring against me?"

Perhaps not, even if the last person on Earth blames me for all of this, I shall stand gracefully and continue doing what I want. Bratty-mood swings-spoilt-haughty-bossy. Thank You.

People at my work-place or I should address it as my ex workplace I guess have realized I am not a part of the work-force anymore, hence no one forces to work. Even if they send mails for work purpose, my polite declining is more than enough for them I guess. Which is, fair enough, at certain level I guess. Everyone has an ego and you can't push it beyond the limit- that I confess, they were there on the borderline. Whatever, interns come and go, you can't live in the past. Which leads me to second part of this, I had heard from someone for an intern, which was suppose to be an offer but I do not have more information to disclose on that front. I am checking out places where I can possibly land up as a summer intern.

Bass won't take up big section, I will be playing for college farewell, no matter who has to say what.Track list is being debated upon, even when the show is less than a week away. But then, my lines will be basic and the trick is to play them smooth. The most basic lines sound best when they are played well.

I have landed in deep muck with monstrous cough (there goes my backing vocals) thanks to a few who have passed this on with their love and affection. I guess, it's the weather that's making me sound frustrated because in all likelihood I hate this fucking time when it seems like it's balanced but it's all a mess.

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  1. hmmm.... interesting read. we may need to talk abt the 1st para.. tho ofcrs, that'll happen only if you want it to.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Truly, it's all around and strange that you want to talk about with permission of the sort.
    Let's sit over and do that soon unless sarcasm takes over.

  4. sarcasm on my part or yours? ..chips and chai with a chat tomorrow :)

  5. C' party then.
    Chips, chai and chat.


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