Pure Magic

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

You see this really brooding hot intellectual, tall and broad shouldered guy.Possibly as much hyped pseudo intellcetual, this one with jet black eyebrows lined on his face like the hyperbola on the graph paper (sic) and his locks falling to describe the female thinking of "The Rape Of The Lock".

Ofcourse you stare at him, and he does the same for this connection is weird. You talk animatedly to the friend you're with. Then you pick up your phone to text your other friend about the new discovery, fresh salmon on "Today's Special" placard around.

That's when he gets up from his seat and you are anyways too mesmerized to notice him fixing up his laptop's charger and packing it. The cue that he is leaving.You type faster to give all the possible dirty details in 14o characters. It's just then you hear him ( I title him as the French version of Johnny Depp) sing,

"Pyar Impossible..It's possible..haaaa
Pyar Impossible"

It's then that you loose interest in the scene and get find the chilly potatoes much too spicy and contemplate that noodles were better.That's when you also congratulate your friend who got asked out by the guy she likes and you think how high the moon really is.

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  1. Amrak : its sweet, and tasty and sour.. and it looks like a star!!! ^_^


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