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Sunday, January 31, 2010

After abandoning the page for the while, the come back couldn't have been in a better fashion. The tone of the title surprises me because it still sounds largely positive like non alcoholic beer. So what if it does NOT have alcohol in it, it still is beer.

This is the last (or this is what I presume) post from the ancient Acer that I've had for a quiet a while now. New Dell lies in the brown box on the sofa. Now getting to why I say it's lying and not that I am typing on that. Simple misery- Logic. The subject deserves to be bitched about more than what I do but then again, every one scores so that makes up. There are two solitary tests coming up in less than 48 hours and can't say I am underprepared for one but logic again. I need to seriously work up tonight as one whole topic needs my attention. My room has parchments everywhere and it seems like it's covered in deep layers of more scribbling of vague symbols that hold the key to me passing. The former sounds vaguely like the origin of adam and eve but still that particular theory can hold better grounds than my logic.

Incase I haven't updated about my score, here it goes, 65 in main papers and aggregate too is same which is decent but the class standard is high (by class I mean a handful whom I hang out apparently and pretty much the only people I bother to notice in college) but yes as long as it's what I worked for, it suits well.

I'd like to clean my bed and put away to sleep but the bitch of a body ache is overpowering my effort to stay up and waste a sunday at home. Missed one Giraffe Parade today because of deductions and ended up being stuck later in the day at the same question for over an hour. It's actually the closest I can get to brain fuck but then it's not something that I can't crib about...right?

This week I will branch out hopefully. Apart from the conference, I plan to spend a large chunk of money on books at the book fair (i.e. if I get someone to go along) and probably for a discourse on kena upanisad which also happens to be a compoulsory text this year. Yeah, this pretty much takes away the social life scene after college. May catch up with some music theory, this book I picked up at the library seems promising but I need the patience to enjoy it.

So I need to seriously give a "flying fuck" to logic at this moments. There are two topics out of three that need my serious attention. I suppose the pain-killer too is subsiding and I need some more. We start from removing useless things from bed...

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  1. hmmm... still haven't updated about how all the "brain fuck" exercises that you did were completely useless and a total waste of time,energy and sanity.. ^_^ bt the assignment went ok .. atleast we're over with it, but ip :( oh well.. hope the book fair went well!


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