Thursday, January 07, 2010

The blog's been pronounced as personal diary rant in college and not only that but without any good or bad (black and white) comments. People read, form opinions of my rant online and personally too. It comes on it's own. I don't even try to do it for that matter. Hm, it gets me to my line then; "Opinions are like asshole, everyone has one".

Third term starts tomorrow and good lord, it seems time has flown by. Mid-terms were over before Christmas leaving winter-break fuss free. Vacations were quite tiring as I had to manage the next issue as Chief Producer/Editor. Exams were a post in their own.It's getting really cold here and my thought process and vibes at work have become chilly. Speaking of which, I have almost resigned and by almost I mean I am waiting for the term to complete (January 18) and I post my hard copy of the resignation. One of the several reasons that led me to write this is the whole mass-market appeal for the junk that we produce. Now, when I talk of junk I certainly consider my own work to be a part of it. I don't consider myself to be in the league of some self confessed "writers" who work with us. Having managed a team of 8 writers, two illustrators and 1 graphic designer as an Executive Editor, I have seen the kind of things that go on the networking sites claiming to be must read. It is being subjected to the literary misery that people produce and very proudly claim outside that they're working with a magazine and enjoy the credits.

Now, coming to my promotion and team that I've managed for 3 months (actually a little less than that) and after acting pricey according to a certain few and bossy (like I care?) , the work's been done. Quite a task getting compliments such as "being unprofessional" because the kind of stuff we do caters to mass market appeal. It's such a dirty, dirty word, and it contradicts itself every time I discuss it. We started off as 3 teams working simultaneously to produce work out of which one team almost collapsed and them being the old and strong team, it was quite a shock. I accept my mistakes (and it just seems to be me doing that) where ever, but after the six hour long meeting at the onset of vacation the whole thing was more than organised chaos.

Our designer deserves one post to himself. At the drop of the hat, he will call the editor-in-chief and ask for approvals et al rather than connecting here with the producer. His interpretations are funny. You tell him, say not to mix Joker and Chiller font as it is a pain to bear and he will do just that. You go on further telling him how exactly you want the page or certain write-up to be, but no. He will read it, interpret it his way and then say,that it looks good that way. Then at the time of fixing up the team page, he will place his name and self granted post of chief designer right after editor-in-chief's name and ensures that rest of his team is there too. Fuck the editors, writers and illustrators. He's encouraged by a fellow team-mate after delaying the whole work for over a month and that leads to group bitching and shit flies. Shit, that'll come out in public sooner or later. Their version ofcourse.

Mass-market is neither raising cash in our case nor getting those mass-market readers. To be honest, most of the patrons are the acquaintances of the team only and then their friends. The condition was worse when issue 3 came out. It couldn't have been worse than that..typos,readability problem and the content.Everything was a major disaster. The work allocated to the other team's not even counted. All they want to do is, hook up with each that makes the magazine team feels like whore-house rather than a media-house with politics to cringe. Now associating oneself with such work-culture is not all that a good idea but there are reasons beyond that. The whole idea of someone dictating while I work is not acceptable with me. I have done my share of work and followed my ideas. It sorely hurts to see the write-up's ruined. The team of writers are kept away from the work-culture, which at a certain level is nobel for the team which was under me for the brief period. They are raw, and enthusiastic which is not what we encourage.

Also,it gets tough for me to support something without calling it hypocrite when I am so vocal about my opinions for the magazine and work-culture there. I want to be a part of it, but this is not what it takes. The Ed-in-chief himself told me it's getting commercialized, which is not what I oppose. I am against the idea of someone else dictating me what to do, when something's on me. So well, you get the bitch boss from hell thing from my side. Had the chance to organize a photo-shoot too, which happened at my place. Motherjane and Goldhawk were over and were quite a support to the nonsense that came along. The models were all my friends and their guys (who had some tantrums, man) and PDA which was added icing on the cake.The photographer ditched because he fell "ill" last minute and according to one of his admirers and a management person, I should have been easy on him because he was so busy organizing his college fest that he fell sick and he is worried about exams..Right.

Apart from this, the second thing was travelling. I covered Delhi, length and breadth again. This time, with Goldhawk and successful it was. The whole Dilli Darshan tour (by DTC) was all about exploring city on your own with the friendly public transport but the food. Christ, I have never had worse South Indian grub. The other highlight of our trip were the couples indulging in PDA. They were not your usual young and hopeless but looked extra-marital and overly dressed kind. Library trips were better than expectations. Picked up Tom Holt and a book on jazz music theory. On the other hand I am on Murakami and it seems promising.

The few months that have passed in college has transformed everything, from friends, interests and controversies that seem to be adding. Freelancing is not my area but might think of interning with some other media house by the end of this academic year.Let's see.

As the entire University gears for their exam now, we will be starting with our course in full swing and result's awaiting us too. I need to expand horizons a bit more and probably at domestic level too.Things do not sound great at home with folks and it's just dragging along. Yeah, I am making it easier for people to categorize this page as diary entry. Rather personal, go away you are not invited. Unless ofcourse you're going to be commenting.

Another comment on how I should stick around the magazine from anyone and I swear I will rip apart that entity. I have had my time sticking around and doing the mass-market ballet. Now it's time for some bass solo and whole music scene revival (fuck, was it ever there?). I guess it's better to get to things where I need to be polished which includes my bass.Learning is a bliss when it comes to music theory. And I can say that proudly with all the ear-training I did. Ok, not that to flaunt or something but certainly better than where I started.

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  1. Okay, firstly are you allowed to post this on your blog, won't your ex-company-turned-venture-capitalists, file law suits and you'll end up in bankruptcy.
    Also, what happened to the art of living, take some classes, get this bitter-dark shit out of your system, pranayama at astha every morning 6am onwards,FOC.
    Or another easier option, read some feel god stuff, and let the sunshine upon you

  2. Honestly, if there is one thing they can't take from me; that is my opinion and consequently the freedom of speech to express it.
    They can very well sue me, if and only if, the believe that even one thing from the post is false or I am guilty.
    As for Patanjali's Yoga, I despise it. It's part of our Indian Philosophical systems and we've studied under our syllabus..not something that I fance.
    Reading, yes, is a good advice.
    To each his own, try Murakami. It's different than your Thousand Splendid Suns.


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