Night and Day

Saturday, December 26, 2009

This page is one thing that makes me smile no matter what I have been busy doing. These exams lasted longer than I had expected but all for the party we had towards the end. Letting your hair loose is really an understatement if I talk about it but I don't wish to get into controversial details here. Not that moral police will come knocking at the door but for the good. Towards the end of exams I was almost pushed to the position of producer for the magazine which means that it's entirely on my head/hands to get the next issue ready.

By the means of night and day, the work has begun but seriously, in all likelihood, this is much more than I can take. So your exams get over and you have an idea of using your vacation for theater, bass, and well trips around. You get the work on your head and the deadline being less than a week away.Not complaining or anything but just generally.

The only thing consistent over the month that I am on with is tweeting. Exams were decent..non fussy in a way. The happiness that took over me after Logike was maddening. The party following it, as I mentioned was something that could be counted as the highlight for the year. One flat party like this to keep me cheerful. There were things that happened which was not my idea of fun, but I guess the person knows what I am really talking so I won't delve into details.

Vacation's right now are the biggest bitch as everyone else has exams and I am literally forcing Goldhawk to come over everyday for moral support and her wisdom while I work. The guest post is delayed, and I doubt whether it'll come. Christmas too was ruined but I guess I had this idea that after school,no one would bother about it.

Something for someone, really nasitaksiromani is much better than dealing with chiller and joker font together.

Really, all I want to do is to study logic.

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  1. "Really, all I want to do is to study logic." woaaaaahhhh ... make radha read this!!! she'd have tears or joy!!
    ..and HEY!!! ... that was "fun!!" ... cummon... admit it sushi... dnt be such a dead fish!!! :P ... it was "goooooood" :D hehe


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