Black Horse and The Cherry Tree

Monday, December 28, 2009

The British landed in India via Calcutta (modern day Kolkatta) route by sea.

Apparently their geographic history was as bad as my logical ability. They questioned a guy,a woodcutter by profession, the name of the place the name of the place where they landed. This chap, oblivious to their language and the unconditional love to his work made him answer,

"Kal Kata" (which essentially means it was cut yesterday,accepting my poor translation).

Hence, Calcutta.

Etymology fascinates me. And it's strange how elders have so much of etymological references with them.

NSS work isn't wasted afterall.

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  1. ..woohoo!! proud of ya wabbit!!! :D keep doing that NSS wrk!! ;D
    and gain wisdom at the same time!!


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