I have nothing to write

Thursday, November 19, 2009

..except for

  • College Festivals- The annual cultural festival, which has just got over. Over-hyped; except for the first day, where I spent being super miser ass stoned with the all music I got from different college band et al. Yeah, some of them were actually nice. Saw the friend from tuition perform (read: danced on stage while strumming). Sin Stick and I found our perfect fest crush. We could give you the details but you will have to deal with a dose of cyanide after that. Oh, and I love random good looking, cute-ass guys who sing Italian love song. Yes, I notice ass apart from music they all make. The philosophy festival is just about here. This weekend is again dedicated to the likes of Socrates (who was usually, in very derogatory terms "drunk" during his symposiums. Atleast they can be nice, our college, who distributed free beer all through the cultural festival. Ok, I am NOT a sucker for beer but who minds a free can at 8 am?
  • Bass lines sound so irresistible when you hear them. It kills when you can't play them that well, or well just decent. The point is, I am wasted as a bass player.
  • Editorial work is neither entertaining, nor full of me-going-clubbing-while-my-writers-do-all-the-work. It's actually the other way round, I-do-all-the-work-while-my-writers-go-dance-wild-at-every-opportunity. This has got NOTHING to do with the fact that I don't enjoy dancing.
  • Heels has it's etymological references from the word "hell". If you don't believe in that, try wearing it (for me it's balancing act) for say an hour and do the task. If you beg to differ, my friend, you're awesome.
  • Presentations can be harsh. Logic presentations can be scary. Harsh logic can be scary.
  • Yes, you will have to wait for sometime to get an update here. You will also have to do with this kind of crap that I am typing. It's all for the love of work.
I've had fun before, this isn't it.

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  1. I LOVE this post!
    I have company in hell!

  2. What was that? A college providing free beer?

  3. @Anandi- Join the club.

    @Perakath- Almost all South Campus colleges had it. Non-alcoholic though, but yeah something's better than nothing. Quite a sight to watch teachers and students have it together.


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