Monday, November 30, 2009

Year 2008

Back in the day, you'd come over and we would laugh our ass's off. We would fight for the last bite on plate and go hog on junko's. We would study together, get clicked and look for auto's to get home once it got late. You being the lucky charm would get the auto in first go and we would part after the last hug. Ofcourse, we would fight to put our points first, there was so much to talk about. We would celebrate your idols birthday and I would eat the largest sinful piece of chocolate cake and promised that year after year we will sit by together to do this and without mentioning spend the same amount of time together.

Year 2009

You still come over, but we don't laugh as much as we used to. Actually we don't fight to talk as silence fills the void of our conversations. Phone Calls? Hardly any, because you're busy and I too, am involved with my work. Though we work together yet, there's an absence of being there for each other. We now grill over at my place as we got no money to spend over us. The pack of chips after much nibbling would still have a lot left . We don't even hunt auto's for you because you got your own car which you love as much as your idol. You still celebrate his birthday and promise me that you would get a pastry to compensate my absence to come for the party. We just sit together, watch a movie, cook together and eat. Yeah crack a few jokes. I speak a little and you just answer in monosyllables.

But I am glad that you still make an effort, once in a while to drop by.

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