You're Irreplaceable

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Deja Vu is the cause for this post. Been listening to Jeff Buckley's cover of Hallelujah and feeling very sick. To put off memories I put my eyes to abuse every single time I sit infront of laptop or end up sleeping. Homie, you were right,.something's wrong..never before I have sacrificed on my sleep,not for such trivial matters. Here,there is nothing but I am still sick,maybe it's the coriander,maybe it the uniform. The truth cannot be denied, the veiled uniform was much better than the jeans freedom. Happiness was appreciating somebody's school bag and singing in the corridor,running,hopping and fighting for last bites of food.

There is nothing on this Earth than can get them back for me.

Dearest N and G,

You would know why I am addressing you both together,I could never differentiate between you guys. Even though G spent maximum time with me and N with Homie but still we had a ball. You were the "sane" one amongst us,the one who was calm and composed on all matters. G was the hyper one,the way you guys complimented each other was phenomenal.
N, remember us playing dumb charrades for most the day and winning all the games? Music was our common passion apart from kebabs. The beautiful calligraphy you did in Urdu, I still have them. Yes,the fact that my slam sheet was the prettiest out of all of them you handed out still makes me feel proud.
Things did change once the last exam was over. Time passed and we chose our roads,I didn't complain once and neither did you. Though you're somewhere else,busy and I wouldn't say happy perhaps,satisfied, I have no issues with you. I miss you equally as much I do for them. I am to blame when I never called up for those two months,when I am assuming life must have been tough for you; but I wanted you to heal. Even A and G agreed and hence we did not contact you.
Please apologise me once again,for what happened on 14 jan :P It cringes yet brings a smile on my face which I cannot explain to anyone. I love you loads and hope that you're doing very well now.

G, you are by far the most enthusiastic friend I've ever had, and when say it, I can see you dancing every single time music played. How you always cleared my doubts with Partnership and I offended you by mixing non-veg with vegetarian.
Do you remember the ugly faces we would make during recess if those two came uninvited? Ha, I cannot think of any time in class particularly without. Though most of it were expressions but we would really kick ass during our verbal debates over everything. Yes the bus ride, from your place to school. The mayhem I caused in bus and how everyone was staring at us in IIT. No matter what, but lollypops can never be same without you. Yes, next time when we meet I am getting the due chocolates for you.
Needless to say I love you my Gee-Gee doll and yes you're the dancing queen.


I don't know where to begin. Those kindergarten days or the middle school where we bonded the most over the teacher's day practice. The magic show, Dalhousie, corridor, Hindi classes, Uncle Chips, Ludo, and stuff that I can't even mention here. My hand trembles as I type this for you. No matter what, I guess we guys were the closest friends and though things have changed slightly owing to our different paths yet I feel myself connected to you in a strange unified way. Our simple philosophy of,"don't mess with us,creative minds at work" really made the school proud. Those competitions we have won together and the rest we cheered are things that I cherish today. Running to tell that stupid thing which happened yesterday,in the corridor and sitting for hours in science, the farewell preparation and my birthday. I cannot explain how I felt,when you presented me with that T-shirt. Phenomenal,seriously..

Your predictions and our value education discussions. I don't even have to write anything beyond those two words. The never ending phone conversations, being in the council. I can write more about you than I know about me.
Honestly, you guys were the reason why I bothered to update my readerless blog then.
You would also know, how uninspired I remain and without any concrete matter or anecdote in mind I type here, for the sake of doing. Not because there's something that makes me want to do it.

A,G and N.. you guys staying away from me is like loosing a body part. For the three of you, I lost three of my essential organs and without them Kiddo is wasted.
Thanks for making life worth leading for those years you've been with me. It's impossible to walk in college and not think of how we used to run in corridor to talk,just at each other's sight every morning.

Miss you at every breath, and nonetheless; love you to death.


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