Tempt me to the edge

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sometimes there are moments in life which cannot be re-lived,ordinary rhetoric. I had made it very clear (in my mind ofcourse) that I shall not blog about the gig that I was suppose to attend. It almost got cancelled due to two assignments on monday (Logic and Sankhya) but constant persuasion from Sin Stick, and I gave in. The thing was planned after a very tiring week of submissions and work with the magazine, I needed a break.

S, her mutual friend and me went together. Met an old friend from tuition at the entrance which was quite surprising considering the number of people who turned up. All eyes were on the bunch of five of us. Once inside the stadium, saw almost everyone from the bands et al. Jet black T-shirts and wicked long locks, pretty much a sight for someone whose been devoid of the other sex, courtesy school and college. Ha,as promiscuous as may sound, but anything to put off logical forms.

Four kickass bands down, we guys were dead tired and owing to our "college" tests etc we were planning to make an early exit, until I firmly said no, since I wanted to watch Scribe perform live. There were these 7 year old kids who were standing on the railing next to the speakers where we guys were planted. The vocalist saw them, and asked them to come on stage. The lucky chaps got to head-bang with around thousands moshing and doing the same. Once they came off, me and my group shouted loud,

"We too are kids!"

The bass player noticed us and signalled to come up. But the vocalist and other band members had other acts planned so we guys were not asked again.Two tracks and insane moshing later, the vocalist pointed at us and shouted,

"Where are those girls now?? Come up on stage"

S and Sin Stick froze and chickened out. S's friend and I moved up after the second call,asking us to come up. Some volunteers from backstage joined too. Our act? We were asked to head-bang and jump like chimpanzees, which once the track started; I did a perfect chimpanzee act. With thousand guys watching me and my friend, we did it. Head-banged to the extent that my head would've falled off any second and the act got me rather stoned. Who gets this kind of chance to be on the stage surrounded by thousands of fan and imitate a chimpanzee?

Before coming off, we hugged the vocalist and I screamed out loud to bass player"I love your bass!"

After this act, when we came down; EVERY single soul from audience was hooting in our direction and obviously got stared enough for a lifetime. Didn't bother staying for the headlining act as we were stoned enough for the rest of the lifetime.


The fact that the smell of the smoke mixed with the nip and tuck in air got me off the feeling of logic and the brain fucking that follows as consequent for this semester. I have achieved nirvana.Period.

(This piece was written with excruciating pain in the neck,puns unintended. Apologies for the over-excitement which have messed with the words)

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  1. As depressing as it may sound, I didn't carry a cell or my camera (excitement :). Guess RSJ might have it, if we guys looked good enough, though I am still asking people if they have.

  2. dude!! i did not chicken out!! .... just gave u a chance to do wat uv always wanted :P ... see...im a very giving person :D ... n care abt my frens...did that to make ur day..which it did!! ;)


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